How to Become Slim

Do you think you Slimweigh too much? Do you have too much stomach fat and do you really want to change it? Do you go with the dream of become slim? You can certainly stay there too! Although it may seem unmanageable, it is not an impossible situation – on the contrary! Read here and see how it can be done.

How do I get slim?

Yes, that is the question of a million kroner – and yet it is so simple:

You need to eat healthy and varied and you need to exercise.

You have to sleep enough hours at night and maintain a fairly good daily rhythm, where the days do not differ too much (sleep).

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How Do You Get Fit Quickly?

Slim QuicklyHow do you get fit quickly? A question that is often heard when people want to change something. For young people, the reason may be a new boyfriend or a new girlfriend or a physical education performance exam. In adults, it can also be the new partner you want to impress with more fitness. Or you just want to feel good.

Also, a doctor’s visit may be responsible for a change of heart. There are many factors that are responsible for the desire for more fitness. And it’s certainly no fun to wheeze after three steps. But it’s actually possible to get fit and endure quickly.

Personally, I can honestly not understand why in the short terms at all the question of How to get fit quickly? Provides. After all, good fitness and endurance are necessary in all areas of life. With more fitness in everyday life can be achieved in one day more, without being exhausted and finished. Therefore, we should be careful to do a little bit for your own fitness every day.

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Ten Things Nobody Tells You about Losing Weight

Losing WeightWho has reached his desired figure is automatically happier? Wrong thought! Losing weight simplifies many things in life, but there are also some surprises.

  1. Your taste changes

Are you sensitive to what’s in front of you, and are you suddenly tasting spices more? Once your pounds fall, your taste buds may change, says John Morton, chief of barbaric surgery at Stanford University opposite. ¬†For him, this is also the explanation why overweight people seek their satisfaction in the food, instead of paying attention to the taste. Morton also found that people who reduce their weight have less appetite for salty food.

  1. Weight loss is no equivalent to luck

Sure, the joy is great when you reach your desired weight. You should still not assume that with your weight loss goals, all your problems in the air dissolve. As a study by University College in London has found, people who reduce their weight suffer from depression almost twice as often as those who maintain their weight. The experts observed around 2,000 overweight individuals over a four-year period.

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Lose weight quickly – up to 10kg in 30 days!

Lose weight fastMisplace weight quickly as fast as possible as much as likely. The best by now five kilos in the first week. Without a lot of bells and whistle and background information. Is it that what you want?Every year people have a New Year’s resolution. Living healthier, losing weight quickly and getting back the figure I had at the age of 18. And every year ,90% of all diets fail again. Meanwhile, more than 60% of all Germans are overweight.
Where is the difficulty Is it the wrong weight loss advice Is it the lack of discipline and the lack of stamina. And what makes a good diet different my name is saydur. I am a deliberate biochemist author and coach and have dealt with such topics for over five years.

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The 10 Most Important Weight Loss Tips

 Weight Loss TipsLosing weight is no picnic. We have summarized the most important principles of a conscious diet here

  1. Eat when hungry

Many diets are based on keeping the calorie count as low as possible. This leads in the long run to a bad mood, can trigger food attacks and thus to failure with a big bang. It is better if you always pay close attention to whether you are really hungry and only eat.

If you feel hungry for control, do the following: Drink a glass of water first. Then set the timer of your mobile phone to 10 minutes.

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Weight Loss with Sport

SportsAnyone who wants to lose weight need not be afraid of heavy weights and strong muscles. For weight training not only prevents you from losing muscle during a weight loss phase, but also ignites the metabolic turbo and thus accelerates the fat loss.

A strong musculature helps you to lose unnecessary kilos. Especially if you put on exercises for the large muscle groups such as squats in training instead of crunches and sit ups for a slim stomach. Nevertheless, only a few weight loss coaches advise regular strength training.

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When Losing Weight Counts the Calorie Balance

 Losing WeightWhen losing weight, we often wonder why our body does not work as it should. Only we are not machines. Everybody is a bit different. Also in terms of nutrition, we not only have different preferences, but also – and this is very important – a different basic and performance. Never heard? Then it’s high time, because who does not know his performance, it will have a hard time losing weight (and also on the increase).

Because in the end, the calorie balance is always crucial: If you take in more calories than you burn, you are on the increase. And if you burn more calories than you absorb, you lose weight – it’s easy, right? But how many calories do you actually eat and how many do you burn daily? Do not worry, that sounds more complicated than it is. We explain all the most important basics:

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Does Body Fat Really Make You Fatty?

Does Fat Really Make You FattyBody fat and fats as nutrients are not the same and the latter are not responsible for the former. Nevertheless, fat is the most energetic nutrient. On the one hand, this provides a lot of power – but with excessive enjoyment and the wrong composition of the fats, it can also lead to bacon loops.

However, it is also true that your body needs a certain amount of fat to sustain vital body functions. In addition, fat from the body bunker well and requires less space than, for example, carbohydrate compounds. Fats consist of fatty acids, distinguishing between saturated (bad) and unsaturated (good) fatty acids.

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Why Is Protein So Good For Weight Loss?

Weight LossAthletes in particular often pay attention to a protein-rich diet and weight loss. They also have to, because proteins are the fuel for their muscles. Proteins – or proteins – are the basic building blocks of the body and are used to repair damaged or to build new cell structures – for example, after training in muscle tissue.

To be able to utilize the ingested protein, it must first be broken down into its components – the amino acids – in the digestive tract.

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Fitness Tips after 50 years old

Fitness Tips for olderThe energy necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the body is gradually reduced from 50 years old. The body composition changes and metabolic needs are reduced, being necessary to adjust the calorie consumption to energy expenditure.

At these ages many men have already accumulated visceral fat in the abdomen area. This type of fat results in an increase in cardiovascular risk. The good thing is that it is the first thing that responds with a nutritional change and physical exercise.

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