Error of young skin

Skin careAbout 90% of teenagers suffer from acne. According to statistics, 75-90% of young people aged 14 to 20 years, one way or another are faced with this problem. Even after 25 years, she continues to excite the 40% of young people.

The fact is that during this period begins to appear in the work of the reproductive system, that is, in the body there are new substances, namely, androgens – male sex hormones. Highly sensitive to androgens sebaceous gland starts to produce more sebum, this is the cause of acne.
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Summer young cucumber diet

cucumber dietDiet is suitable only immature cucumbers, but not the greenhouse, and from the garden. Traditionally it is assumed that in cucumbers is only water, vitamins and nutrients in them at least.

In fact, it is not – in ground cucumbers, especially small, many of scorbutic acid, and the larger the size of a vegetable, the less useful it absorbency. Even in the cucumbers have frolic acid, calcium, potassium, zinc, and carotene. In general, except that the cucumbers well quench thirst and help to lose weight, they also cover the body minerals.
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