Diet on sauerkraut and yogurt: how to lose weight?

yogurtArticle is for those who want to know more information about how to lose weight on cabbage and yogurt. Properties of sauerkraut and yogurt for dieters. What features of the diet of cabbage and yogurt?

 One of the most popular diets for speedy disposal of excess weight is a cabbage-firer diet, which is very much helped to gain a slim figure. At first glance, there is nothing unusual in this diet is not. Continue reading “Diet on sauerkraut and yogurt: how to lose weight?”

The Yogurt Diet slimming

slimThe yogurt or fermented milk is produced when bacteria grow in warm milk. These bacteria will reproduce and will create lactic acid. Lactic acid will not allow the growth of bacteria harmful to our health.

According to nutrition experts, we could say that yogurt is milk. The only difference is in the fermentation, which makes it a food yogurt easier to digest and further prevents constipation, gastritis and diarrhea among others, which makes us give it a “positive point to yogurt” with on milk. Continue reading “The Yogurt Diet slimming”

Benefits of eating yogurt?

Diet Yogurt• The benefits of yogurt reach all people, from the early life stages until the final stages of their lives.
• For its richness in calcium is recommended for children and adolescents, women who are breastfeeding and menopause.
• It is also a good solution for the elderly, people with chewing or after an illness. A people that assimilation of milk causes digestive problems or allergies, because yogurt is digested easily without forcing the intestine.
• Recent studies claim that also neutralizes the carcinogenic action.
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Does yogurt is better than milk?

Yogurt• The quantities of nutrients are similar to milk, but better absorbed by the body yogurt, thanks to that it contains less lactose.
• mineral concentrations are slightly higher in the yogurt while bad cholesterol levels are slightly lower.
• The most important difference is that 1 gr. yogurt may contain a minimum of between 10 and 100 million live microorganisms, while milk lacks them.

What is the best yogurt?

Yogurt• In the market you can find a wide variety of yogurts.
• Those who bear fruit pieces are more nutritious, but provide few calories.
• To lower the calories, you can opt for skimmed.
• Remember that the term “organic” is allowed only for products from organic livestock.
• The flavors are rich in colors that do not provide nutritional benefits. Instead, opt for other varieties or consume in moderation.
• If you have weight problems or cholesterol, low fat are your choice. And, in any event, organic farming are better.