The Swedish Diet

DietThe Swedish Diet is a unique way to lose weight on a balanced, well appropriate diet, moreover, very quickly one week you can lose out by seven pounds, and that’s without hunger and other troubles. However, the method is not good for thin persons, which weigh about 50 kg, and for women weighing more than 65-70 kg.
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The most ridiculous diet in the world

Weight Lose DietThe diet of the moon, the banana, chocolate, the Anti diet, the dissociated … It would be difficult to list the amount of weight loss methods that became fashionable in recent decades. Until it has been said, among other crazy theories that drinking urine of a pregnant woman is the best way to lose weight. In this note we tell them what the most ridiculous diets of all time.

1. The cookie diet
A few years ago was one such famous Dr. Siegal, hypothyroidism and obesity specialist, whose weight-loss method was most curious.
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