Why slimming need protein?

Why slimmingAlready proven Protein for weight loss the fact that a protein diet – it is a necessary and one of the best food components that must be included in any diet. Let’s first understand, why do we need protein? What it gives our body? The protein also known as protein from the Greek Protos first, overriding – the building blocks from which are built all the cells of our body.

All of our bodies a protein! We are creatures protein, we are completely composed of proteins: the muscles, liver, heart, nerve cells, blood, lungs, brain, skin, nails, hair – it’s all protein. The man who eats his daily rate of protein being built, restored. The man who eats my quota of protein – is destroyed.What is the role played by the protein diet? Protein helps control hunger, prolonging the feeling of satiety, which is so important for weight loss. Continue reading “Why slimming need protein?”