Lose your weight in a healthy way

weight lossWoman looking in a mirror it is natural for anyone who desire to go on a diet want to do it quickly. However, proof shows that people who lose weight regularly and progressively are more successful in keeping it off.

Losing weight in a healthy way is not only to follow a diet or program. It is to keep a stable lifestyle that include lasting changes in daily consumption and work out habits. To go on a diet, you must burn more calories than you consume. Continue reading “Lose your weight in a healthy way”

The Ups and Downs of ACE Weight Loss Program

ACE Weight Loss ProgramAngiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are drugs primarily used to stabilize blood pressure and reduce the buildup of fluid in the body. Turns out that aside from maintaining a good cardiovascular health, the ACE weight loss pill also helps reduce fats, several studies suggest.

In an animal study published in the National Academy of Sciences, a group of Australian researchers studied the effects of ACE in fat reduction. They looked in the genetic structure of mice that seem to be missing the angiotensin-converting enzyme and found that they weight 20% less than the mice that had ACE present on their genes. Furthermore, the lightweight mice had 50% less fat specifically in the belly, Continue reading “The Ups and Downs of ACE Weight Loss Program”

Lose weight, eat at all hours!

Do not miss more than 3 hours between feedings

Five meals a day. That’s what you need to lose weight. And is that nutritionists of the Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy (SEFAC) recommend not to miss more than three hours between meals and other consideration in reducing overweight and maintain a healthy diet. After that time, the body can enter a state of “starvation” by which the body interprets that there is “food shortages” and decides to save energy by burning less fat due. Continue reading “Lose weight, eat at all hours!”

50 ways to get your motivation to lose weight

This is the list of 50 small things you can do to get motivated to lose weight every single day.
1. Write your goals. “I want to lose 10 kilos in 2 months” for example.
2. Create an action plan. Routines, days, hours.
3. Put a deadline
4. Enter a contest
5. Motivational quotes placed throughout the house
6. Print the body of your dreams and paste in the refrigerator
7. Practice abdominal strength by putting a fitness ball as a chair
8. Let your screen saver say “Raise your ass and move a little”
9. Buy a few fitness magazines
10. Join a blog about exercise and weight loss
11. Educate every day a little more about nutrition, then apply what they learn in the same day.
12. Find a partner to lose weight Continue reading “50 ways to get your motivation to lose weight”

Train with your weight

There are millions of excuses to skip a training session: you work, the gym sucks, your child is sick or there game on TV. So forget, now you have an excuse not to skip any more: your body weight is all you need to burn fat and get the whole body fitness. In the final analysis, to gain strength all you have to do is pose challenges your muscles, and the programs of this poster are designed to do just that: no need any equipment. We also speed up metabolism by keeping the pulse at high levels. We, who are the ultimate fitness plan for non-stop. No excuses. Continue reading “Train with your weight”

Tips for a good body for the summer

summerA new stage, a stage we have no choice but to comply with it each year, known as Operation Bikini. To begin this stage, we will make an entry generic on the good habits we have been discussing over the short life and we would like them to return to remember to not let anything behind. So we started and we stop chatter.

Before you start going to the gym we recommend that conformed to good habits of healthy eating to later have a good diet .

We can distinguish two types of diets: the energy and the light or light. Each depends on your physical goals, for example you’re profiling or have a more slender muscular recommend the diet as this light does not get fat more and consume the fat that have accumulated in your body. To follow a diet recommended light:- Continue reading “Tips for a good body for the summer”

Lose Weight – Extra weight

Extra weightExtra weight around the hips and waist is actually the result of poor nutrition and low levels of exercise. Scientists say the decline from current levels of physical activity and exercise professionals and spend more time sitting at work have resulted in poor metabolism rates and often increase in obesity.

In fact, in a low metabolism may be a serious problem, since more fat cells remain trapped in the body of one and less muscle tone, leading to various pains and health problems. Continue reading “Lose Weight – Extra weight”

Weight Loss Plans for Special Situations

Special plansPregnant women also may have our personal advice on nutrition, ensuring at all times the correct nutrition of the mother and baby and allowing proper weight gain of the mother in the months of gestation.

In lactating women, the diet plan will aim to produce quality milk and the recovery of the mother during the same stage.

Continue reading “Weight Loss Plans for Special Situations”

Weight Loss Plans

Weight lossIn diets that fit you will find the best partner to achieve a healthy weight. This enables you to have good health now and prevent the onset of diseases or diseases related to excess weight and thus an excess of body fat.

Diets with the plan to your needs not only effectively become slim, but you will easily and safely, ensuring your proper nutrition and weight maintenance over time. This way you’ll never regain the lost weight.

In diets to suit you’ll enjoy a diet that will suit your personal situation, work, tastes and preferences. Continue reading “Weight Loss Plans”

Diet volume

DietThe Volume diet whose main feature is being able to eat without having to restrict the quantities contained in a ranking of healthy diets prepared by experts in nutrition and health.
The Volume diet breaks the pattern of many weight loss plans, showing that dieting does not have to be synonymous with starvation. If the volumetric diet had a motto, it would be more satiety with fewer calories, and is a good option for those not content with eating little. Continue reading “Diet volume”