Lose 10 Kilos without Exercise

Fitness tipsDo you want to lose up to 10 kilos without exercising? In this article you will learn how to burn excess fat by eating differently and making lifestyle adjustments. Without feeling of hunger or yo-yo effect.

In this article you will discover that it is possible to lose up to 10 kilos without exercising, starving or following a strict diet.

We give you 7 tips that will help you discover how you can effectively change your diet. So you get the right nutrients and at the same time fewer calories. Continue reading “Lose 10 Kilos without Exercise”

Weight Lose 8 Kilos In 7 Days

Lose WeightCountless diets promise incredible results. Like this one too: You should lose an incredible eight kilos in just seven days. Does that really work? We spoke to nutritionist about Weight Lose 8 Kilos In 7 Days diet.

But first of all, let’s talk about the diet itself. The special thing about it is that there is a different nutritional focus every day. Continue reading “Weight Lose 8 Kilos In 7 Days”

Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?

If your stomach is pushed forward, you will not only worry about yourself, but also have a reputation from women. In addition, such body types have excessive visceral fat and are at serious risk. How can I become slim?
What is visceral fat?
Visceral fat is accumulated in the body type that the stomach is stiff. Because fat concentrates mainly on the upper body, it is also called the apple body shape. As seen in women, the overwhelming majority are men.
If the abdominal circumference on an empty stomach is 85 cm or more for men and 90 cm or more for women, visceral fat may be excessive. So-called obese body.
Visceral fat adheres to the mesentery in the stomach. The original role is to keep the internal organs in the correct position and protect them from external impacts. In addition, there is a function to temporarily store excess energy in visceral fat. Continue reading “Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?”

Huge ways to weight lose

Lose weightYou don’t compulsion a special diet bearing in mind a low-carb or high-protein diet to weight lose. The best habit to lose weight is to profit the right union of nutrients and moving picture your body needs. Here are some tips for losing weight in a healthy mannerism:

Follow a food benefit. It can be hard to know which foods to choose. Our lead can be a invincible support. It will auspices you to eat whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. These foods are full of fiber, which can in the back you atmosphere full. And keeping a book can put uphill to, suitably attempt this chilly Choose My Plate tracking tool. Continue reading “Huge ways to weight lose”

Diet plan to weight lose

Diet plan Diet plan to weight lose You have seen that Awesome dress in the window, but you know they’ll never have it in your size. This time, head out to the beach, but you’re too embarrassed, because you know you do not want your belly hanging over the shorts.

All your friends are talking about how to lose weight and you will look and feel much better. You’re always tired, and want you to have more energy.Whatever the reason, and whether you’re male or female, overweight is always a problem. He gets in your way and makes you feel less active and less attractive. Continue reading “Diet plan to weight lose”

Effective Weight Lose Workouts

Weight lossEveryone there is looking for the perfect body, that is, if they are not close to it already, in which case they tried very hard to maintain it. As a result, proposals for training to lose weight, people will start looking as soon as they realize that they need to reduce their weight.

The irony is that, according to a recent study, people who are looking for the perfect body can actually be sabotaging their own efforts. The study suggests that subjects who were more comfortable with their bodies, often to eat healthy. Why? Because those who are satisfied with what they already are more likely to listen to their bodies. Continue reading “Effective Weight Lose Workouts”

 The best ways to help you lose weight

weight guideThe best ways to help you lose weight and keep it off, not to mention the fact that it allows you to save time and money. There are many direct and indirect benefits that come from planning a meal, but my list of the Top some of :

  1. After dinner plan ensures that you will not look for easy and unhealthy decision, if you realize that you do not understand what you are going to eat for lunch or dinner. This will keep you from making quick trips through the drive to the nearest fast food restaurant, and hopefully save you from the fat of the order, clogged arteries to go, when you’re in a pinch.

Continue reading ” The best ways to help you lose weight”

Lose weight without letting the rope out of hand

How Can I Lose weight fastLose weight without letting the rope out of hand. The benefits of such an accessible and familiar to all from the childhood home of the legendary trainer as the rope is composed quite a few fitness materials. Jumping rope is a classic cardio for fast lose weight, with which we can easily in a short time parting with hundreds of calories and thus get rid of excess fat in the problem areas of our figure.

But today  not want to tell you about jumping rope, and a whole set of exercises with its participation. Throughout the exercise, we will keep the rope in his hands. For this purpose, it is necessary to lay down a few times in half. Part of the exercise to be done while lying on the floor, so pre-cook the gym mat.

*Hundred press.

Initial position. Lying on your back, lift straight legs to an angle of about 45 degrees above the floor, folded rope factory under the thigh and hold its straight arms at the ends of the hip joints. From the starting position described leaving the floor head and shoulders, hands are drawn forward. Return to the starting position, barely touching the floor. We carry out a further 10 times. After the tenth lift shoulders off the floor in no hurry to return to the starting position.

 Bend your knees, skipping rope under your feet and raise your hands above your head straight. At the same time straighten your knees, still holding them at a height of 45 degrees from the floor. So we went to the starting position for the next exercise. Hold described starting position, arms straight as far as possible we start behind the ears. Return to the starting position. 10 It is necessary to repeat this exercise, making short springy hand movements.

Then again, bend your knees, skipping rope under your feet, but the movement forward. Straighten your knees, go to the initial start position chords. All bundle from start to finish must be repeated 5 times. As a result, we get 100 motions to the press. For better fixation of the feet, it follows that the waist remained pressed into the floor.

* Make waist.

Initial position. Sitting on the floor, legs slightly bent at the knees, heels up against the floor. Folded several times a rope held his hands over the edge, we start behind the head, elbows breed apart. Slightly leaning backward, it follows that the back remains straight. From the starting position described, expand the body to the left, the left elbow is drawn on the floor. We fix the situation, slowly return to starting position. Perform exactly the same turn of the body to the right, the right elbow is drawn on the floor. Fix the situation and return to the original. Continuing housing turns from side to side for 1 minute. It follows that the rope remains taut and elbows diluted in hand.

* Lunges.

Initial position. We rise from the floor. To become straight, feet together. Folded several times a rope held by the edges hands raised in the direct hands over his head. From the starting position described, without changing the position of the hands, lower into a lunge to the right foot, left knee almost touches the floor. In this position, perform 10 short springy movements up and down, and then returns to its original position. Now we perform the same attack with 10 springs on the left leg. Continue to alternate legs into a lunge for 1 minute. It follows that the hands were straight, his head is drawn up.


Initial position. On his knees, back straight. Folded several times a rope held by the edges hands raised in the direct hands over his head. From the starting position described, do not change the position of hands, leaning on his left foot, right foot forward into a lunge exhibit. Pushed off the right heel from the floor, completely rectified by placing your left foot to the right. Immediately raise the left leg straight and takes her back, the body leans forward.

The body from the tips of the fingers of the toe of the left foot should form a straight line, and on the right foot support recall the letter T or familiar to us from childhood figure swallow. We fix the position for a few seconds. Now, all movements are performed in reverse order and return to the starting position throughout the ligament. Repeat this exercise in a mirror image on the other foot. It follows that the hands were straight and allotted to the line of the ears. The whole bunch needs to be repeated 10 times.

* Statue.

Initial position. Stand up straight. The support leg is the right and the left – is put aside and a bit ago, its toe barely touching the ground. Folded several times a rope held by the edges hands raised in the direct hands over his head. From the starting position described by a straight left leg rises, while it can`t body, the hands are drawn to the foot of the raised leg. We fix the situation and return to the original. Repeat this exercise 50 times with the left foot for fast lose weight, and then mirrored another 50 times with the right foot. A bunch of well-trained buttock muscles.

*Dance Movement.

Initial position Stand straight, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes apart, rise on your toes. Folded several times a rope held by the edge of the hands, elbows neck. From the starting position described in dance squat slowly, spreading his knees apart. We strive to between the thigh and shin formed a right angle. At the same time we straighten the arms at the elbows and raise the rope over your head. It follows that the knees do not go over the line Myskov.

Shoulders up were not raised. Fix the situation and return to the original. Repeat the whole bunch of 25 times. At the main part of the training is over. At the finish can make a few stretching exercises and respiratory elements as a hitch foe lose weight. As you can see, all with 6-ligament exercise we were able to work out all the major muscle groups. Throughout the workout in static worked hand muscles.

The best ways to lose fat

fatMany of us we aim to lose fat and look better aesthetically, especially now that summer is approaching. It may be that we have found a system that helps us to lose fat in antiquity, but are you sure it could not be better? In this article, we are going to give five ways in which we can optimize the process of losing fat.

Lose fat – not just a matter of calories

Yes, it is true that eating fewer calories will help you lose body fat, but you can actually make better progress if we choose foods macronutrient profile that suits our needs. Continue reading “The best ways to lose fat”

Shoulder Exercise

fatThe congestionador, is the name given to a particular type of exercise for shoulder serving as the same suggests, to accumulate the highest number of blood to the muscle can to try to increase its size.

The congestionador, in short, is a combo exercise because it is not a typical movement as such, but a combination of Cuban press with dumbbell military press made so that our shoulders end up burning for work received.


How congestionador done? Continue reading “Shoulder Exercise”