Physical exercise in the elderly

Physical exercisePhysical exercise in the elderly When is an elderly person

It is very difficult to determine when the period of human development commonly known as seniors begins. Experts in human evolution not agree as to when old age begins, and it will depend on many factors that affect the life that has been: food, activity, line of work, lived events, form to talk to them, etc. Hence we can say that chronological age does not define aging although in our society seems to be accepted as the starting point of this stage of life corresponding to retirement time, whether or not worker lively, attainment this around 65. Continue reading “Physical exercise in the elderly”

Benefits of Exercise

exerciseThe outlook is bleak, so we need to change our lifestyle devoting at least 30 minutes for the exercise, said Ricardo Sanchez, nutritionist and personal trainer for Anytime Fitness, gym in the city of Guadalajara open 24 hours seven weekdays.

Those who carry a constant physical activity are less likely to get sick and more likely to enjoy a longer life. Wellness is not just physical, she says, the mind also is favored. When a person exercises looks and feels good about her.

Some benefits of physical activity according to Anytime Fitness are:

1. Aerobic activity or exercises that require more oxygen as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, skiing, cycling, favor the cardiovascular structure, lower blood force and improve circulation, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Continue reading “Benefits of Exercise”

Benefits of exercise

exerciseIt’s time that you decide to exercise, the weather improved and longer each day we know more benefits you gain by doing so. You be acquainted with that exercise is good for your health and for you, but you may not know how good it is. If you want to live more years, feel better, have more energy, and look better, there is no better remedy than exercise. Never too late to start, no matter your gender or your age or your current physical condition.

I’ll tell you some of the benefits of exercise and staying active, I hope it is the first step you start a regular exercise program.

The main benefits are:

Reduces the risk of premature death of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and the risk of developing cancer of the colon or breast. Continue reading “Benefits of exercise”

Exercises for arms look attractive

exerciesArms exercises over the years and with the extra kilos, arms lose their smoothness and begin to sag.

This is due to the fact that, from age 35, the fibers that hold the skin begin to degrade. This trend is reinforced from the 50, leading to sagging.

To avoid this situation, requiring only a few minutes a week and best of all you do not have to make an effort: just a simple exercise plan but specifically designed to overcome the factors responsible for the arms lose their youthful appearance.

Besides exercises needed elements one of which the weights. When performing the movements with them, a resistance that will strengthen the muscles is due. Yes, it is advised that the exercises are done on alternate days to rest the muscles worked and not force. Continue reading “Exercises for arms look attractive”

Dressing for seasoning vegetables without adding calories

dietTo give you a little flavor to your salads and vegetables, what better that prepare a Raspberry Vinaigrette. This special and different dressing will help you to season vegetables without adding calories.

Sometimes boredom or tasteless foods can be enough reason to give a diet. It is therefore important that you find the turn and give flavor to your meals, especially if it’s salads or fresh vegetables.

To give you a different salads taste is essential to prepare a good dressing. Although there are many recipes and very low calorie content, this time you can lay your hands on Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe.

Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe to spice up salads

Ingredients Continue reading “Dressing for seasoning vegetables without adding calories”

Water of ginger for hypothyroidism

dietA fresh and simple recipe for thyroid problems

Would you like a rich beverage that can be good for hypothyroidism? Then try with this ginger water, which is easy to prepare and that can offer excellent benefits in order to fight against this disease, so prone to make you gain weight.

Hypothyroidism is a problem that, when attacked, it is taking it early and treat it properly. For this reason, in addition to a proper medical consultation and follow a diet which will activate the functioning of the thyroid gland is good to accompany its function with some elements that favor it.

When the thyroid function is not the best, is low and the metabolism is known as sleepy, ideally give the gland some minerals that need to be activated more. The iodine tends to be the most suitable, but not the only one. Continue reading “Water of ginger for hypothyroidism”

A diet that changes your lifestyle

dietDiet to help treat overweight and other risk factors

Today the objective of the diet, both to lose weight to treat other factors of risk, and therefore is important to find the proper diet, as for example the TLC Diet, a different diet that proposes a change of lifestyle for treating overweight and other risk factors.

The majority of diets today day propose fast results with the minimum of effort and will. This, however well they are the consequences, is easily recovered the lost weight and other risk factor, such because cholesterol, hypertriglyceridemia or diabetes not controlled.For this reason, it is important to know the other side of these diets fast and restrictive, as for example the TLC Diet.

What is the TLC Diet Continue reading “A diet that changes your lifestyle”

Natural remedy and orders to battle cellulite

exerciesCellulite Also known as orange peel cellulite is one of the most common beauty problems and affects women especially thighs and buttocks.

Many doctors believe it is caused by factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of toxins and lack of exercise, among others. It is believed that between 90 and 98 percent of women has some degree of cellulite.

Although it is difficult to eradicate completely, you can stop your progress. The first step is detoxification. One way to achieve this is by eating apples for two days of different kinds, all you want, accompanied by herbal teas sweetened with honey. The apple will help restore the balance of the body.

Similarly, there are natural remedies that help fight cellulite. Then some of these remedies: Continue reading “Natural remedy and orders to battle cellulite”

Meet the cleansing diet

dietCleansing diet the abundance of own party food December, do we eat more in December and in January, when we weighed on the scale and sorry to have increased a couple of kilos.

If it’s been like this case and would again return to your normal weight, you can take a cleansing with which not only clean diet the body of toxins meals and drinks consumed in excess it also helps you lose weight.

Cleansing diet

Emphasizes fruits and vegetables, and just do it for three days, as these foods contain a lot of water and are rich in Libra, vitamins and minerals, this increases the diuretic function, and thus expels toxins.Remember that fruits are the best desiccant after so much food. Continue reading “Meet the cleansing diet”

Diet weekly addiction by sugars

dietIf you’re a supporter of our diets you can not miss this new release and if we know newly secure this diet will catch you. La 14 goes. Diet APP will help you to control the anxiety by the sweet and addiction by sugars. Don’t miss it!

Within diets APP can find a wide variety of diets, but sweet addiction can affect your weight and cause other complications such as e.g.For this reason, if you feel that you can’t control your anxiety sweet this diet can help you to reduce it and keep it at Bay.

Diet weekly addiction by sugars

Day 1

Breakfast: A cup of coffee with skimmed milk with two slices of whole wheat toast with sweet light. A fresh fruit.

Average morning : A handful of nuts. Continue reading “Diet weekly addiction by sugars”