Weekend watch your weight

Weight lossDieting can be a struggle for numerous people, especially on weekends when it’s time to relax from the stress of the work week.


The lack of structure and lots of delicious temptations, parties and restaurants can spell trouble for dieters.

Here are some tips to help you relax without falling out of your healthy eating plan.

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Weight loss program on the weekend

Diet programThe weight loss program is comprehensive, applying only one factor (in this case exercise), not achieved satisfactory results. What weight loss program do to raise lowered kilos in a week? First you must adjust the amount of calories you consume, because it represents 70% of the success factor in losing weight.

Physical activity should not leave for any reason, for without the same weight gain could be higher. The recommended approach is to increase the amount of exercise to burn at least 2500 calories a week.
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Weekend – enemy of diets!

You had the feeling that you follow your diet and exercise plan throughout the week and not lose the weight you want? Weekends may be the problem.

Saturday and Sunday we are going to parties, meals away from home, and if we are fond of sports, we are not losing football! The problem is that this often makes us forget the good eating habits, because we are tempted to give us a break from the routine of the week. We eat in restaurants or at home from our friends that we have been invited to a barbecue. For this reason, we need to know healthy choices so that all our efforts to lose weight are not in vain, without neglecting fun. Continue reading “Weekend – enemy of diets!”