Exercise for Slim

thigh exerciseTo make hip slim and stunning, there is a special diet for the hips. First of all, you need to eliminate from the diet of coffee, alcohol and fatty food. It should have as much fruit, particularly watermelon, which promotes excretion of excess fluid.

Daily recommended to eat a half of watermelon or cantaloupe, and to them, you can add one hundred and fifty grams of grilled mushrooms, a large portion of salad and a boiled potato. Or two beefsteaks with tomatoes, fried on the grill and two tablespoons of corn. The third version of the snack – a glass of low-fat yogurt and fifty grams of unsweetened cereal. Continue reading “Exercise for Slim”

Weight lose form a beautiful thigh

Weight loseRegular exercise will help you lose fat in this part of the body. Massage activates blood circulation and lymph flow, a positive effect on metabolic processes:- the legs and buttocks thoroughly mash your hands in the direction of a bottom-up or walk on them massager. Anti-cellulite creams use complex in a massage or apply after it.

Two. Exercises for legs and glutes:- Stand on all fours on the floor (resting on bent at the elbow). The body and head form a straight line. Bent at the knee, leg lift, lower, raise again. Perform 15 times without touching the floor with his foot. Change legs and repeat.
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