The 7 Rules of A Fitness and Healthy Woman

Healthy WomanToday I bring you an extra post with the Fit Council of the week, where I expose very clearly and easily the 7 rules of a fitness and healthy woman.

However, before launching, I want to tell you that almost every day I receive messages in which you explain to me that you want to be thinner, when in reality what you want is to be more fitness and have more sporting forms. Where is the confusion? Well, the confusion is that many of you still and taking very restrictive diets and low in nutrients (error), you still see that you have a layer of fat that does not let you see your abdominal (for example) and for this reason, you follow thinking that you should lose more weight. But it’s not about losing weight, it’s about reducing fat while maintaining or improving muscle mass. For this, you must follow these 7 rules of the fitness woman: Continue reading “The 7 Rules of A Fitness and Healthy Woman”