Ten secrets to look younger

look youngerEvery human age starts to squeal, it’s time to follow these 10 secrets to look younger and fight those pesky signs of aging.

In other words, look naturally, thanks to simple care that not only takes years to our appearance, but we will also see more healthy and revitalized.

Let’s start with something simple, knowing and understanding the factors that make us look older. Once done, we can take steps to attract and retain that youthful style that never gets old.

Then the 10 secrets to looking younger as follows…
1. Delaying the aging process. – The majority is concerned with external appearance and any visible sign, but the aging of the skin does not occur in isolation from the rest of the body. For younger naturally see us, we give our skin the vitamins and minerals it needs.
For example: Delaying the aging process requires a controlled exposure to the sun, not enough to burn or damage the skin, but enough to encourage in our body’s natural production of Vitamin D. A great way to look younger, is to avoid Vitamin D deficiency in our body.

2. Understanding how and why skin ages. – The fact that our skin represents 15% of our body weight, makes it the largest organ of our body. Therefore, to understand its structure, in addition to how and why aging is one of the first step towards a more youthful appearance.
A healthy and rejuvenated skin, not only depend on the condition of our skin, but also on how well it can absorb and retain moisture. A skin naturally retains water (hydrated skin), retains a more youthful appearance than that which over the years, becomes drier and consequently prone to wrinkles.

3. Tanning ages. – That’s right, while the right amount of sun can make us look younger, bright and healthy, proper exposure can cause irreparable damage to our skin. Prolonged exposure depletes our body stores of vitamin B and long-term, is primarily responsible for premature skin aging and even skin cancer.
Nothing more successful than those tips to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

4. Feed your skin with vitamins. – Some vitamins can give younger looking skin. For example, Vitamin C helps fight wrinkles and fine lines, to stimulate collagen production. Vitamin E helps to protect ourselves look better from UV (ultra violet) and also to eliminate harmful free radicals.

5. Rejuvenate roses. – In effect, rose water nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Those mature skin look toned and rejuvenated, with rose water, besides being used to smooth wrinkles and restore vitality and moisturizing the face.
Those roses cosmetic oils are excellent when it comes to taking care of our skin, thanks to its regenerative properties and high levels of collagen and elastin, ideal to prevent premature aging, wrinkles, among others.

6. Exercise. – Staying physically fit and active, will do wonders for our appearance, especially as we age. Do not forget, one age often judged based on how agile we are, how we are shaped, etc.

7. Losing weight. – One can get to look years younger with just lose a few kilos and reduce body fat. For excess, not only damages our appearance, but also stresses our body and increases the risk of disease. A sick body, not usually synonymous with youth.

8. Use vitamin supplements. – The surface of our skin is constantly changing, as our body naturally renews. For a younger look, we can help this process, using specially formulated antioxidants, such as vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, to supplement the amount found in the skin cells.

9. Caring for our hair. – When look younger, hair plays a huge role. A hair healthy, soft and shiny immediate youth stands.
But, although their importance is undeniable, it has been widely abused (especially women). There have tint, permanent, lacerated, fading; countless elements that have been the natural conditioning our hair. So, if necessary, it’s time to dip into a good nourishing and regenerating treatment.

10. Nails strong and healthy. – When searching for looking younger, many forget the hands. Regardless that aging hands can ruin the whole effect achieved. Therefore, you should always keep a bottle near hand cream / nails and make use of it whenever we have contact with water.
A good tip: If we apply cream with the hands still a bit humid, achieve better hydration and help our nails grow healthier and stronger.

Ten most facts about your weight

weigh loseWeight lose and diet fact that we are considered to be true a few years ago, now that scientists view can change radically. Besides, every now and then tracks all new factors affecting the weight and the ability to lose weight. Now many scientists are looking for new ways to the relationship of weight to genetics, pregnancy, and various chemical processes in the body.

1. It really genetics. When scientists first discovered the gene responsible for predisposition to obesity and diabetes type 2, and they called it – “obesity geneĀ» (FTO). People who inherit the gene are usually overweight .
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Ten effective diets for winter

Wight loss dietsIn winter, the person body needs a lot of vitamins, particularly if that person wants to lose weight. However, do not of necessity have the vitamins and type with the extra pounds. We’ll show you how to eat to lose weight. Whatever it may sound strange, but doing accurately the recommendations of the chosen diet, you will lose up to 10 pounds of excess weight! At the same time does not need to have nothing to eat you.

All obtainable in this article, diet, developed by Rafaello Gowon, a nutritionist and head of the Italian center of nutritional surgery. The diet of each diet contained about twelve hundred calories, which should be quite enough healthy body!
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