Drink tea for weight loss

Slim TeaWeight loss tea helps detoxify the body, facilitating the elimination of toxins accumulate over time. If you make a conclusion to start a diet, you should know that you should consume at least one cup of tea cleansing, can be obsessive before or after meals to aid incorporation.

The diuretic tea is one of the most optional by nutritionists also be known in a small measure to its laxative properties. The benefit is that it has a pleasant flavor, even if it is not sweet. You can arrange a liter of tea like this: 6 tablespoons dried elderberry flowers to the boiling water, leaving everything to be enclosed for 15 minutes.

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Fucus tea slimming tummy

slimming tummyA remedy for weight loss is very effective to include in your diet fucus benefits. Blad derw rack is a seaweed that turns out to be a very nutritious food and plenty of healthy properties. This alga is a rich source of vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins, so also come great for weight loss, also serves many other functions. Continue reading “Fucus tea slimming tummy”

Benefits and contraindications of red tea diet.

TeaRed tea is nothing more than green tea , after a maturation process. This infusion is ancient and has been adopted by the Eastern culture, thanks to its medicinal properties, among which stand out the properties of red tea diet. However, beyond the benefits, their inclusion in the diet may also have contraindications.

Red tea has many virtues, so much so that its benefits are more widely their contraindications. One of its properties, is an excellent complement to any weight loss diet.
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Benefits of green tea for weight lose

TeaThe green tea could say that is an ancient tea because it is widely used in oriental culture, so this infusion properties have been studied. Because these studies made for centuries, we can determine what properties and contraindications of green tea for weight lose

Green tea, due to its high content of Polyphemus, increases basal metabolism, resulting in increased energy expenditure, leading to faster weight loss.
It mobilizes fat deposits in the body, speeding their elimination.
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Tea recipes for a beautiful figure

You have decided to get serious with the weight and shape, calling in help system and the different techniques? So you do care about your health. After all, a slender athletic figure today not just a tribute to modern fashion, and the rate of normal metabolism, active living, healthy tone and quality of life. Undoubtedly, such a person will look attractive. Here are some recipes for delicious and healthy teas that promote weight loss. Continue reading “Tea recipes for a beautiful figure”

Tea recipes for beautiful shape

slimming recipesTea help health and beauty enhance metabolism and therefore help us to lose a couple of extra pounds. They are not only useful, but still tasty. Try it and you.
Tea mint and thyme.
10 g mint leaves
The shoots of thyme 10 g
Water – 1 cup
Mint and thyme to wash and dry in the shade. Water to bring to a boil. Prepared plants pour boiling water and simmer on low heat for 5-6 minutes.
Dishes with tea wrap with a cloth and leave for 10 minutes, then strain the drink.
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