Weight Lose Surgery

Weight LoseThe sedentary lifestyle, little or no exercise and high intake of calories, along with the fast pace of life as there seem to be the main reasons for overweight and obesity.
Although there are various alternatives for weight loss, weight loss surgery Barbaric is the only one that has been facilitating the patient to remove a lot of weight and keep it off. This can be very positive for super-obese patients, but for medicine and science, is a failure to try to find less drastic alternatives or solutions to fight this increasing health problem that is obesity. Continue reading “Weight Lose Surgery”

Weight lose surgical procedure techniques

surgical procedureWhether opposite the action bikini, or presently for health reasons, many people in Spain who are overweight or overweight turn to surgery to lose those additional kilos. Because sometimes we have discussed the special methods available, but in summary today we will mention as at present used in function they want to weight lose the kilos.

The contrasting balloon is usually suggestion patients who are overweight between 15 and 25 kilos, which is achieved by drastically dropping the sensation of appetite due to satiety that causes the ball stayed in the stomach. The satisfied of the ball is saline, and the results observed when removing the ball at six months indicate that it is twenty times more effective than a diet.
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