How to get rid of stretch marks on the body

stretch marks Stretch marks – the people called stretch marks – white or purple lines. Stretch marks on the body can lead to discouragement any woman, and even more than the cellulite. Stretch marks occur for various reasons: it may be the first early before 20 years pregnancy

Get rid of or improve the skin with stretch marks can and should be. To get rid of existing stretch marks will have to refer to specialists. There are a number of procedures that will help your skin look healthy to acquire the former.

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Stretch mark is passed on genetically

stretch marksStage pink stretch marks and scarring stage. If extensions are in the pink stage, then they can still be affected. When stretch marks go to the stage of scarring, you can influence them in part, for example, change their depth or area, increase the elasticity of the skin and increase its creaminess and softness.

In human skin, the deep layers of it are a continuous process of disintegration of the old and the synthesis of new collagen.
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How to remove stretch marks

remove stretch The opportunity to stretch the skin, making it immune to the effects of external factors that help to maintain her beauty. Smooth skin texture depends on the location of the special fibers.

Very often there is destruction fibrillation skin that is caused by the deformation of the elastic and collagen fibers, or a violation of their population. Violation of the skin surface is due to the fact that either the collagen fibers are torn, or drastically reduced their synthesis.
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Treatments to Remove Stretch Marks

stretch marksWomen regardless of age, race, nationality, are stretch marks. Now all we wonder how to remove stretch marks. Not an easy task for, but will give you some tips to remove stretch marks treatments.

The splines are lesions that occur because the elastic fibers are altered from one layer of skin, the dermis. Because stretch marks, the skin loses its elasticity. This alteration is because these fibers have grown excessively and then have returned to normal size. This occurs when we gain weight (the dermis is stretched) and then down quickly (shrinks skin, exposing the lesion).
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