Staying Fit – Recreational Sport in the Corona Crisis

Staying Fit at homeStaying at home – that is the order of the day in the Corona crisis. But you should definitely not do without sport, after all, we need defenses – currently more than ever. But how? And where? And what? Athletes show how it is done, answers the most important questions for everyday life.
How important is sport in everyday corona?
Exercise and balance are more important than ever in the current situation: Exercise and physical activity promote mental and physical well-being. The worse you feel, the more you benefit from physical activity. This applies to both mood and physical well-being. Continue reading “Staying Fit – Recreational Sport in the Corona Crisis”

Staying fit during the winter

Body shapeThe long winter period, it is essential to maintain good mental and physical balance. The different centers fitness offers various solutions, from the strongest to the gentler methods. Thus, the body sculpts or cross fit are those requiring more power, but the buzzing and other African dances are ideal for those who prefer to vent.

However, yoga is able to ensure flexibility and relaxation. Fitness Benefits of physical health, mental and physical, are many. Continue reading “Staying fit during the winter”