Healthy Life with Sports and Exercise

FitnessDreams of a long and healthy life are closely linked to health and well-being. This article discusses how different sports activities can help individual’s live healthier and longer lives and present the benefits of regular exercise. The text will take a closer look at how sport can be integrated into an overall healthy and life-affirming lifestyle. Continue reading “Healthy Life with Sports and Exercise”

How to start your sports routine?

start sportsWeight lose only to show off our bodies in a swimsuit during the summer.  As time flies, there is nothing better to start now with a routine sports to keep us fit, and at the same time, we do lose those kilos we do not need.

Very importantly, be consistent, and begin slowly to properly habituate to sports daily.  During the first week, we can start with gentle exercise, aerobic to prepare our muscles and ligaments before starting to demand.
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Endurance Sports for your six-pack

The caloric expenditure varies greatly from one sport to another. Find out which ones you help uncover your abs.
The best endurance sport for your six-pack is that it allows you to burn more fat. Here’s an overview of the caloric expenditure of different sports (in calories per hour for a 30 year old man, 1.85 meters and 85 kilos in weight):

  • Race to rate very high (> 14 km / h): 1350 kcal
  • High-paced race (12 km / h): 1150 kcal
  • Road biking (30 km / h): 1000 kcal