Losing weight can challenge

Slim figureWeight lose problems many others suffer from malnutrition, and others both overweight or obese. So much so, that it considers obesity as an epidemic. What to do when it comes to losing weight, making an easy question with an answer that means a challenge.

• First you must make the decision with firm conviction of wanting to lose weight, you should feel motivated to do / or, if no impairment metabolic order, there’s no reason you can not achieve, and if there were any other problems concomitantly, also with the help of a professional will be able to s uprear. This first step is essential to start treatment.
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South Beach Diet

DietSouth beach diet you give up carbohydrates, that is, such as white bread and rice, but they can eat meat and fish.

Animal fats you substitute for vegetable. The first phase of the diet lasts for two weeks, during which time you can lose weight by 4-6 kg.

On the second point, you can have a “good” carbohydrates, such as bread from wheat flour and brown rice. The third stage is to save weight.
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