Slimming tips after age 20 years

diets tipsSlimming tip after age 20, sometimes we have to get rid of some extra kilos or we have to correct some nutritional habits of adolescence. Although diet is easier when you are young, you have to avoid mistakes at all costs.

Many young people believe they are filled as they are no longer in a jeans size small or wearing size 36. You have to know that we have to assume feminine curves and stop accepting the canon dictates youth fashion .

But we can lose a few pounds to feel better about herself. Why not, as long as we do it in a reasonable manner and without harm to health. Continue reading “Slimming tips after age 20 years”

Slimming tips

fatExcept for obesity surgery, based on the gastric band and bypass, the surgical process best identified and most practiced aesthetic is liposuction or liposuction. However there are other cosmetic techniques, much less invasive, which allow thinning some area: biolysis, ultrasound etc. Their use depends on the area to be thinned and extent stomach, saddlebags, love handles, inner knees, etc.

The obesity surgery gastric banding and bypass

Saddlebags, big belly: the choice of liposuction or liposuction

Other slimming solution biolysis

Cellulite and fat cells: laser biolysis Continue reading “Slimming tips”

Slimming tips

Slimming tipsDaki recommends their best tricks wanting to lose weight

The new column Susana Dakidissa going on a topic that will interest a lot: how to lose weight doing fun things. Does not sound too bad, right? So do not stop reading the note.

Exercises 1 are you one of those supremely bored when they exercise or practice of certain issues not amuse you too? Then it’s time you read this new column Susana Dakidissa. Here, the fitness instructor will tell you some methods to lose weight, but also having fun.

Slimming having fun:


You can exercise, lose weight and tone the body while having fun. An example is going to dance and being quite a while on the dance floor. That will burn a lot of calories and you mold the lower body. Continue reading “Slimming tips”

Special Delicious Diet

slim tipsThe diet a lot of people want to lose weight rapidly and successfully, by means of for this reason one of the trendiest, or have conventional a lot of optimistic reviews diet. But diet is vitamin and sandstone intake and dietary restrictions, so all diets are not allowable, and not in all sorts of situations.

How to lose weight on buckwheat plus buckwheat yogurt – a very useful product. so as to is why it is based on a very effective diet. The principle of the diet is that in the day you can eat an unlimited amount of buckwheat.

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