Exercises for slimmer legs

exerciesOne of the major problems facing women is to have more firm and tonic legs. If this is a concern for you, don’t miss these 2 exercises that are easy to perform.

There are specific physical exercises that not only can help you keep your thin legs but can strengthen them and toning them. You can do them anywhere, even in the comfort of your home.

Exercise ball

Once you’re in place, corner your knee and stay roughly 3 seconds in this position.Upload the torso once more and replicate the exercise in 3 series of 5.As you advance, increases the number of 5-10 or adds one series of 5.

Short jumps

Bend the knees, takes momentum and get a jump, even lifting arms.Be careful when you fall to avoid injury to knees.If you can not jump, take a broom stick and place it in your back, stay upright with the legs apart, up and down squatting. Continue reading “Exercises for slimmer legs”