Healthy Eating for Slim Figure

  1. Top Exercises at homeLow-calorie diet

Reducing the total calorie intake in the diet can promote the body to use the stored fat and burn the calories to achieve the goal of weight loss. To reduce calories, we should first reduce sugar and fat, and secondly, the intake of staple food. If you reduce 10 grams of fat or 10 grams of fat every day, you can reduce calories by 360 kj; reduce sugar by 10 grams, can reduce calories by 160 kj; reduce staple food by 60 grams, can reduce calories by 700 kj. Continue reading “Healthy Eating for Slim Figure”

Modern Methods of Slim Figure Correction

Slim figureExperts say that slim figure correction it is a complex problem. And it is not restricted to getting rid of extra kilos – often in the office of the doctor-cosmetologist are women of normal weight.

Modern methods include the normalization of water-salt balance, skin care and body modeling its contours, as well as many other individual events.

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How to get Slim figure and beautiful body?

Slim BodyThat you have a slim figure and beautiful body to be beautiful and healthy, flexible and toned, you just need to want it and start taking care of yourself. Need to do leg exercises, exercises for the abdomen, buttocks exercises at home and stretching exercises. Get started now!

Everyone can find time to exercise and self-care! Anyone can lead a healthy lifestyle – this is not difficult. Continue reading “How to get Slim figure and beautiful body?”

How to successfully lose weight

slim figureMake active fat ablaze enzymes to standardize insulin levels in the blood, in other words, turn your body from forming fat in fat incinerating the car, but it is extremely important that the daily intake of carbohydrates during the 2 weeks of not more than 5.10, in the extreme case 20g. Most health food intended for diets with reduced fat, and not crabs. On the product must be indicated in carbohydrates, and that you are often overlooked. Many of the foods that you in general do not think the food, including chewing gum, medicine and cough drops, are crammed with sugar or other caloric sweeteners, so they should refrain from.

What prevents you from losing weight? Why all the known methods of losing weight do not produce the desired result. Why lost weight quickly returned. Because it is useless to reduce excess weight, until its cause. It consists of a set of specially selected psychotherapist approaches affecting the cause of obesity, as well as the programs responsible for metabolism.

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Diet for stomach and hips

Slim figureOne of the most problematic areas of the female figure. Nature is so we prearranged for us to bear and bring up children. Diet for stomach and sides, and a lifetime – a harsh necessity, especially for parlous women, if they want to have a slender, smart figure.

After all, just relax for a celebratory feast day or two – and the extra inches around the waist and hips will not keep you waiting. But the essence of the most valuable diet for the stomach has long been described in terse warning:-“The extra minutes on time food in the mouth, in the stomach for hours and years on the hips. Continue reading “Diet for stomach and hips”