Slim and fitness body in 30 minutes

Slim bodySlim body in 30 minutes Recently, the sports environment, many new hybrid workouts that combine several directions. Sports Equipment Required: gym mat, hand weights. At the initial stage of training for  can do without weighting.

Recommended clothes and shoes. For select any loose clothing does not restrict movement. Shoes are not necessary at all, because it is better to train barefoot. This will help prevent slipping and optimal load the legs.

Like any sports plan begins with a warm-up, which is a 2-minute skipping seriously (jumping rope), followed by a 3 minute shadow boxing. Last – is jumping back and forth, accompanied by short strokes from the shoulder alternately left then right fist. The knees at the same time should be slightly bent, feet – shoulder-width apart. After each held blow fists should be returned to the chin. Continue reading “Slim and fitness body in 30 minutes”