Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit!

Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit! We have often talked about how a good rest is complementary to a good workout. Sleeping well helps us recover from the fatigue (of the day and workouts) and allows us to face new commitments with more determination.

Not to mention that, if you are on a diet, sleeping well also helps you resist hunger pangs. To respond well to diet and training a body must be healthy and well rested. Proper rest is essential!

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6 Tips for Better Sleep in Summer

Better SleepAre you still sweating or are you sleep? Sleeping in summer can be a real challenge on particularly hot days. We torture ourselves in completely overheated bedrooms and toss and turn.
Often at some point sleeping in the heat is no longer possible. The next day is all the more agonizing when the lack of rest of the previous night troubles us. But why do you sleep badly in the heat? What helps against hot nights?
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Guidelines for good sleep

In our biological clock likes fixed schedules, so any disturbance causes sleeping difficulties

Experts say it’s best not to good sleep until we dream and, for it to arrive, you should relax a while before.Reading, listening to music or watching television can help overcome the daily stress and prepare for rest. Conversely, stimulating activities like exercise, are not recommended in the last hours of the night. Furthermore, it seems that the popular belief about to take a glass of milk helps you sleep has a scientific basis.

Sleeping, sex, in the case of women, not too advisable if, as usual, there are already difficulties, recently said Eduardo , director of the Sleep Clinic of the Institute Dejesus in Barcelona. During the presentation of a study on sleep habits worldwide, the expert explained that sex is good for the man before sleeping as after reaching orgasm, enters a rapid relaxation phase. Instead, the woman remains stimulated for longer, which may cause difficulties to relax and  good sleep. Continue reading “Guidelines for good sleep”

How many hours are needed to sleep?

sleepAll individuals are different and their sleep needs vary depending on your age, habits, lifestyle, etc. Average hours are believed that adults should sleep for a restful sleep that allowed them to meet the demands of a new day is 8. But a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry says that seven hours is sufficient.

After studying the dream of nearly 1 million people a year, researchers found that people who slept 7 hours per day had a lower mortality rate than those who slept less or more hours.

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Diet and sleep well at the same time

Fitness One of the problems that are often at the root of our inability to sleep well at night is that our body is out of balance.

 When we are born, at first, our bodies are in perfect balance and that is why very few babies have trouble sleeping whenever you need.

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Duration of sleep affects weight loss men and women differently

Weight loseIn a new study suggests that an increase in sleep time leads to a decrease in food intake, but the hormonal processes associated with it occur in the body of women and men differently.

Restricting sleep in healthy subjects with normal weight in some way affects the metabolic risk factors differently affecting the hormones that regulate food intake in human.

In the study, the results of which were published in the November issue of the journal sleep, tracked the duration of sleep deregulation of glucose and hormonal regulation of appetite in 27 people with normal weight at the age of 30 to 45 years. Continue reading “Duration of sleep affects weight loss men and women differently”

After a hearty lunch supposed to sleep

slim sleepThe midday sleep very ambiguous. Some believe that this lordly habit that dampens, splits day and will stop in time to go to sleep at night. Others believe that a nap during the day is very good for the cardiovascular system, mind and figure.

According to data obtained by scientists in a recent study, regular sleep during the day helps to delay the occurrence of heart disease by about 7-10 years. It also refreshes the memory and helps to effectively absorb new information. Curiously, the information about the benefits of daytime sleep can be found even in the treatises of Greek scholars. Recently it has been proved experimentally.
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Sleep to lose weight?

Sleeping diet A different sleep needs normally recommended sleep between seven and nine hours a night, but what happens if we sleep a smaller amount than seven hours? You can have direct penalty for the functioning of our body that make us fat?.

It seems that studies show that this is so, the fact that we go to bed late and sleep a few hours you can eat more calories at dinner and we choose less healthy diets. In addition, this contributes to sleep deprivation the next day our body to burn fewer calories. Add to that the individual does not perform regular physical activity; we could be talking about a weight gain of almost one kilogram per month.
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