Train yourself to rejuvenate

Eliminate the symptoms of aging with this complete guide to get your muscles, bones, organs and mind functioning at optimal levels and keep your youthful vigor.

After 25 years, every decade reduces your aerobic capacity.

Increases 10% VO2Max doing 12min sessions of swings with kettle bells 3 times a week. If you compare it to playing football, kettle bells swings with a 70% burn extra calories Continue reading “Train yourself to rejuvenate”

Eliminate sugar from your diet rejuvenate

DietThe key ingredients found in all foods is sugar element certainly this is the main adversary of the diets, as usually the sugar causes weight gain, and also causes grave illness, yet eating too much sugar and Sweet also is a good beauty tip that can help you lose weight and look very attractive..

According to investigate conducted recently, the low sugar spending not only helps maintain a healthy body but also helps the skin cells do not age, so not only the skin stays younger but the rest of woman’s body does not mount up fat in certain areas such as hips and abdominal area.
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