Weight loss food

Weight lossFood that should not miss in your diet to get the thinner summer

With the arrival of spring begins the desire to lose weight around the clock to get slim for the summer. So to begin, what better to know the five low-calorie foods spring to help you achieve more easily.

The goal of weight loss diets is not only to lose weight but you can exploit the properties of the food. Thus, not only will you be losing weight, but also acquiring habits that allow you to maintain it over time. Continue reading “Weight loss food”

Diet APP for Easter

dietEaster was approaching, and what better way to spend Easter with a diet menu special and different. Do not miss this diet APP.

Easter is a time to share with family and friends. So, what better than c importer one Marquesas menu throughout the week, to get to Easter without adding extra kilos.

The fat burning factor this week will be represented by fish, especially. However this food rich in animal protein, I will also include other plant foods considered negative calorie, allowing you to burn fat faster.

Fat Burning Diet APP for Easter

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Weight lose tips

Weight loseIf you suffer from overweight and nonalcoholic fatty liver, you know you need a special Weight lose diet. Well, now you can add new macrobiotics as treatment of this disease. Apparently, they are ideal to reduce liver injury from improved intestinal flora.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition associated with obesity and one of its main causes is poor eating habits. These harmful habits can lead to increased toxins from poor digestion and metabolism of nutrients. Continue reading “Weight lose tips”

Green Tea and Smoothie Avocado Energy

weight loseDo you feel that you make smoothies for breakfast does not give you the energy you need for the rest of the morning? Then you have to know this recipe, which is quite light and has slimming elements among its ingredients. Do not miss this energy smoothie green tea and avocado!


The shakes are great for any slimming diet. Why? Because they are satisfied, they are rich and are perfect to fill the body of nutrients early in the day. But it is also true that many may leave you a little hungry or something lacking in energy to face the first leg of the journey. Continue reading “Green Tea and Smoothie Avocado Energy”

Cleansing properties of red tea

dietThe red tea is one of the best allies in the world to lose weight for many reasons. Good to accelerating the metabolism, helps burn fat and also has a cleaning effect. That is, has the capacity to accelerate the elimination of feces. But better looking in depth what might happen to their consumption reading this article.

Red tea

That red tea is one of the best allies to lose weight, no doubt. It is an antioxidant, is believed to be an effective fat burning and also works on hepatic metabolism, which is no small feat. Continue reading “Cleansing properties of red tea”

Bariatric surgery reduce uterine melanoma

lose weightThe obesity is a disease that affects health for different reasons, whether it is a risk factor for endometrial cancer. Because of this, an investigation was conducted which revealed that bariatric surgery can reduce cervical cancer in a high percentage.


Recently, the magazine Gynecologic Oncology published a very interesting research that shows that bariatric surgery performed in women with severe obesity can reduce endometrial cancer by 71%.  Even if they maintain normal weight over time this percentage increases to 81%.

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Protein foods

lose weightMilk protein foods are very important in weight loss diets because they are light and provide satiety. For kicks them out, nothing better to meet at least 10 dairy contributing less than 50 calories.


Dairy foods are offering many weight loss properties. Both your intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals as their low calorie content makes these dairy foods ideal to start a diet to lose weight.The best way to take benefit of these benefits is to meet at least 10 dairy less than 50 calories. Continue reading “Protein foods”

What do you know of alkaline diet

dietHave you heard of the alkaline diet? Probably you did more than once. However, the term alkaline diet can be confusing. This method is to avoid acidic foods, but avoid those that generate acids to be metabolized.  Discover how much you know about alkaline diet with this crossword.


If you’ve entered this post is because you enjoy crossword puzzles, along that you care about the benefits of a diet as alkaline, which promises a healthier life. Before the challenge, how about if we look quickly what this diet? Continue reading “What do you know of alkaline diet”

Weight lose

Weight loseApproaching Easter and food fish is chosen for weight lose to develop special Easter meals. Therefore, do not miss this recipe in the oriental style steamed fish. Not only is it appropriate for these dates, but is low in fat and calories.

This time of year you’re sure looking different and special recipe to celebrate Holy Week and Easter, not get out of the diet.

While these celebration preparations rich in calories consumed such as threads or chocolate egg, it can also be a good time to eat healthy and provide few calories.

A good example of this is the recipe steamed fish with an oriental touch.

Oriental style steamed fish

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Juices for Rapid Weight Loss

weight loseThere are many options within the juices you can choose to weight loss. They have the quality to be tonics, diuretics, satisfying, detoxify and even antioxidants. Variety of fruits or vegetables you can choose varies. But these you will see in this paper might help you if you want to lose weight quickly.


While many people claim to lose weight quickly, this is not usually what is recommended by specialists. On the contrary, the ideal seems to be to modify the habits that have led you to where you are, replacing physical exercise, healthy diet and lasting behavior. Continue reading “Juices for Rapid Weight Loss”