Why do some people who lose weight gain weight again?

Weight lossStudies have shown that people who lose weight and not gain weight again usually watch what they eat, while those that recovers the lost kilos less meticulous. A new study, though small, suggests that this involves differences in the brain.

When shown pictures of food to people who had lost weight and had not returned to gain weight for years, they were more likely to activate brain areas associated with behavioral control, compared with obese participants and normal weight . Continue reading “Why do some people who lose weight gain weight again?”

Why people gain weight?

Slim TipsA lot of factors could play an important role and consequently charming why people gain weight.

Habits: Eating too many calories can become a habit. As in the habit of doing inactive actions like watching TV instead of being physically active. Over time, these habits can conduce to weight gain.
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Diet and nutrition in people living with HIV / AIDS

Nutration HIV/AIDSNormally a person infected with HIV can prevent certain complications and diseases associated with AIDS by controlling the diet and proper treatment approach and meals and drinks.

Both food and water are carriers of germs, bacteria, disease-causing parasites, in the case of AIDS patients with a deficient immune system , can lead to serious complications, even lead to death. Proper preparation of meals and drinks and diet control are a powerful tool for prevention of diseases and infections associated with AIDS
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3 secrets of naturally thin people

thin peoplePeople who apparently never suffered with calorie counting and perhaps therefore happier than the rest to just maintain a healthy weight.

The sworn enemy of those who suffer from common mortals kilos extra. Right? Further away from hate, just a matter of taking a look at these 7 secrets of naturally thin people and thus understand that everything is a matter of perspective.
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