Obesity and Overweight

dietAccording to the WTO obesity and overweight is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body that can be harmful to health.Obesity and overweight are the fifth factor of death in the world, each year 2.8 million people die because of obesity or overweight.In 2010 approximately 40 million children under five years were overweight, over the years this to grown. Continue reading “Obesity and Overweight”

Fewer Calories and Do Exercises

exerciesEach day more children suffer from obesity and, even though complications may not develop immediately, these can influence their adult lives now time to reduce Calories and Do Exercises.

Therefore, on this occasion you drink 5 tricks or tips so that your children can eat less calories and more healthy. In this way will be able to develop good habits of life.

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Fatness or overweight

lose weightHow to know if a person is overweight or obese? The medical tool that provides an approximate answer is the index of body mass, which is obtained by an arithmetic operation that consists in dividing the number of kilograms of the individual between the numbers obtained by raising the figure of his stature to the square.

For example, if someone weighs 85 kilograms and his height is 1.70 m, 85 should be divided between 2.89, with what you get a BMI of 29.4.

Currently, specialists in the field resort to new method to assess the problems of overweight and obesity in the population, which reveals what proportion of body weight is fat and muscle.

This made it using a device similar to a scale, which is equipped with special sensors that measure accurately the above mentioned components. Continue reading “Fatness or overweight”

Reasons for being overweight

Weight loseReasons for being overweight Some people have hereditary reasons for being overweight. Others suffer from some type of thyroid problems, which put off them from losing their weight, no matter how hard you are exercising.

People who suffer from thyroid related weight gain should consult a doctor and require medical interference in order to lose weight . But for most of us not being able to shake off the extra fat is due to the reason that we are not trying too hard or that we are following the wrong procedures. Continue reading “Reasons for being overweight”

Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health

overweightUnfortunately overweight people face many Consequently, the increased risk of premature death to several debilitating disorders and psychological factors that are not life-threatening but can make life difficult.

The level of risk is influenced mainly by the relative amount of excess weight, the location of body fat and an increase in the age dell’peso adults. To solve all these problems in an immediate way, we wish to remind you that the best solution is to drop weight in a modest way. Continue reading “Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health”

Aerobic and anaerobic to end the overweight

overweightLose weight tone your body are some of the reasons why many people go to the gym. However, not always clear that will be needed for aerobic and anaerobic end overweight.


Most people who start to frequent a gym because they want to lose weight and tone your body while holding that this was achieved by performing reps in large and with very little load thus achieving greater calorie burn, an idea that is not really entirely appropriate when it comes to weight loss.

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How to acquire Rid of Underarm overweight

diet for weight lossNowadays a big problem in the middle of women is to get rid of their fat in the arm. Plus it looks actually bad, especially when your body is completely fit and under the arms are flabby.

You strength have seen several women and smooth girls wearing sweaters on beach at summer season. Are they crazy? It is understandable that they are not crazy. They are forced to be dressed in this type of clothing to hide his arm beneath the fat and represent themselves as they are absolutely inform. It could be possible that you are among these and that’s why you’re here. Continue reading “How to acquire Rid of Underarm overweight”

Why increase the numbers of overweight?

extra weightThe rates of obese people in the world will not stop increasing. And it seems kilos found to exceed us. But why we have become ‘fat’? The first answer that comes to mind is that we eat too much. And indeed, one might think that yes, we eat too … But only if we take into account the energy we expend there’s the another’s, as it all time has been.

Think of our great-grandmothers, around 1900, who ate 500 calories a day more than us and they were probably a perfect weight, without suffering or obesity or overweight. The reason? Very simple: they had no car, no heat or a supermarket just around the corner. They moved, walked, fought against the cold … All of which consumed more than those 500 calories. Continue reading “Why increase the numbers of overweight?”

Overweight and obesity

Weight lossThe number of obese or overweight children is increasing at a phenomenal rate in the United States. In general, children spend more time watching TV, computer or game console and less time exercising. On the other hand, busy families today have less time to prepare healthy meals at home regularly every day. From fast food to electronics, quick and easy is it in the minds of many people, of all ages, in the new millennium. Continue reading “Overweight and obesity”

Overweight Kids Lose Weight

weight loseThere are many factors that can help a family in their overweight. These factors normally have to do with a change in lifestyle such as a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, diet with low caloric value important and healthy foods.

According to what I explain, overweight and obesity are classified as a chronic (long-term illnesses those whose purpose or healing cannot be clearly predicted or never happen). This occurs when the daily calorie intake is much higher than we spend with our daily physical activity, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why we gain weight. Continue reading “Overweight Kids Lose Weight”