Why office workers get fat?

office workers dietVirulent disease of obesity has swept the UK. Most suffered from obesity office workers. A series of surveys among office workers helped diet to find out that does not allow them to leave to form.
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Get fitness in the office

the officeIf you can improve fitness or at least prevent it from getting worse, while working with chair, desk and computer? It is possible! It can eradicate the sedentary nature of the office, if you follow a few simple tips.
It is estimated that a person spends on average three hours a day on the phone in the office. As in many cases one speaks while sitting at the computer, is a static activity in which only spends about 204 calories in total.

If using a wireless headset, you could walk while talking on the phone and burn five times as well. In some cases this simple maneuver, even help to raise labor productivity.
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