Sugary Drinks and Obesity

Lose Weight FastSugary drinks are linked to weight gain and obesity, including in young children. What are the consumption habits of this group when it comes to sugary drinks? And could data on this be a reason for better nutritional policy?

Obesity and the associated health problems are no longer just a problem for adults, children also have to contend with it. Previous research has shown that sugary drinks contribute to undetected weight gain. Continue reading “Sugary Drinks and Obesity”

Tips for Slim Obesity

CrunchThe Slim obesity epidemic may be due to insufficient sleep and too comfortable indoor temperature, as much as a sedentary lifestyle and aggressive marketing of fast food. It emerges from a new study where an American research group has reviewed the literature in the field. They point to 10 different causes that can be as important as the two most common scapegoats.

The study paints a more complex picture of the obesity epidemic, where there are many factors, and it is not clear which factors are most important. Continue reading “Tips for Slim Obesity”

What are the causes of obesity?

FitnessEurope and Germany in particular, has a serious problem: Overweight and obesity has become a real widespread disease here too. While obesity is still more associated with the United States, the Germans have caught up a lot. You can read in this article why we are getting thicker and how we can prevent it. Continue reading “What are the causes of obesity?”

Obesity is because it is absorbed too fast

The problem of weight loss is simply the problem of follow-up and follow-up. Obesity must be eaten too much, more than the body needs it will be stored into fat. The first condition of obesity is usually too much starch.

After eating the starch, it becomes sugar, which becomes fat through glycol, citric acid cycle, and fatty acid synthesis. Many people do not dare to eat fat because they are afraid of fat. They only eat a low-fat diet, but instead of eating oil, they eat a pile of starch. Continue reading “Obesity is because it is absorbed too fast”

The Fight Against Obesity

obesity The bitter truth is that in our way of life, we just have to be thick. We have too little move here is the result in the form of fatty foods It would seem simple to lose weight. They stop eating, and all the works! But where, then, to take energy for training? Deficiency of food calories automatically means lack of energy, and thus, a low, almost zero, the effectiveness of the training.

No, fitness demands a completely different recovery casual dining. There was no starvation! All you need is to add to your diet small, but fundamental changes. For a couple with the training  they fundamentally alter your figure. Continue reading “The Fight Against Obesity”

The horse obesity condition merits

weightObesity to fitness is used to feed the design of energy intake adequacy indicator, because the energy is all the nutrients it needs a horse’s individual characteristics would be most affected. These include. Feed conversion efficiency gender, and overall activity nature, reactivity, the impact of which can be up to ± 20% of the class.

As a result, the horse can lose weight or gain weight, even if the energy would be just feeding recommendations. Horse’s suitability for the feeding of energy supply is expected, therefore, the final condition of the horse obesity, and by following it regularly. When the horse obesity condition is monitored on a regular basis, you can change to address access to energy. Continue reading “The horse obesity condition merits”

When obesity becomes an obsession

Slim obesityMany people in their desperation to lose the extra weight you have installed on your obesity figure, even resort to extreme methods to achieve their goal.

The prototype of the perfect figure either male or female is something that advertising and media sold to all persons,

Lots of false promises about miracle diets, apparatus for reducing massage, natural herbs, algae, and a number of products that promise to reduce body weight and achieve a spectacular figure, arrive daily to many people. Continue reading “When obesity becomes an obsession”

Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health

overweightUnfortunately overweight people face many Consequently, the increased risk of premature death to several debilitating disorders and psychological factors that are not life-threatening but can make life difficult.

The level of risk is influenced mainly by the relative amount of excess weight, the location of body fat and an increase in the age dell’peso adults. To solve all these problems in an immediate way, we wish to remind you that the best solution is to drop weight in a modest way. Continue reading “Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health”

Risk of obesity

 lose weightBeing overweight, means being exposed to a number of diseases that sooner or later end up affecting the health of a person, in this post I want you to understand why it is important to lose weight and stay in shape obesity.

Many people dismiss this fact and therefore give little or no importance, so it is important to impress upon these people, the consequences of being over weight, if you’re over weight, as you are in a good place and surely have all the enthusiasm and desire to lose weight healthily , if the case is that you have an acquaintance or family member who suffers from obesity Continue reading “Risk of obesity”

Obesity in America facts


The large number of people who die due to some disease or the other related to obesity in the United States each year – making obesity the second most serious causes of preventable death in the country after tobacco. This and various other facts about obesity in America and the figures reveal that the problem has reached epidemic proportions in the country.

Before moving some alarming statistics obese Americans, let’s go through some general facts about this problem that seems to have plagued the United States of America. Obesity in America Although America prides itself on being one of the wealthiest and most developed countries of the world health trends for the nation – especially when it comes to obesity, have a totally different story to tell. Continue reading “Obesity in America facts”