Good for belly slimming nuts

Good for belly slimming nutsAs you know, much of the weight loss and diet control is to eat natural foods in moderation over time. Nuts is one of the slimming foods that derive from nature, and although many people tend to shy away from them because of their high fat content, there is strong evidence that adding nuts to the diet I can help you lose weight belly.

Although weight loss was not achieved as much as one would like, given that they are healthy for the heart and reduce the risk of diabetes, to all the people who worry about their health should add nuts to your diet. Continue reading “Good for belly slimming nuts”

Nuts more Mediterranean diet: A great benefit for your health

Add a handful of nuts to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish is useful for controlling a set of cardiovascular risk factors, known as metabolic syndrome. This is the main conclusion of a Spanish study whose results are published in the latest issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

Shows that regular consumption of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds is more beneficial to health than the intake of olive oil, a fat known for its heart-healthy properties. Continue reading “Nuts more Mediterranean diet: A great benefit for your health”