How to build muscle with diet

 dietCertainly the diet is essential and important part in the life of each individual and when it comes to increasing muscle mass is also a point to consider as special diets for bodybuilders.

How to build muscle with diet knowing your body composition helps to establish a starting point for designing a proper diet to help build muscle mass as well as a physical exercise plan well organized.

Motivation and discipline are the two pillars for those wishing to achieve the muscular body and there are several points that help achieve this goal. Continue reading “How to build muscle with diet”

All you have to know about electro stimulators

The lap belts are a fun and convenient way to tone our muscles and abs core. Many people want a six pack and that is precisely the reason that elector simulators sold so well. But because really, if you want your abs are marked and well defined will take more than using only a lap belt.

To mark the abs and shrink the abdomen you’ll need a comprehensive program that includes cardio, weights and a power chord. The lap belts will help, but only if that is still in place. Continue reading “All you have to know about electro stimulators”

Obtaining a good muscle tone and build an attractive body

Most people know they have to lift weights to build muscle. Yet many just want to have good muscle tone and an attractive body, but not too muscular, and who do not want big muscles. So just lift light weights with high repetitions.

Well, it will not work. To have good muscle tone, you have to build some muscles right? So you have to lift heavy weights to force the muscles to grow. Once you’re satisfied with the size of your muscles, then you will have to cut body fat so that your muscles are displayed well and this means good muscle tone. Continue reading “Obtaining a good muscle tone and build an attractive body”

Top 5 Fitness Exercise for Muscle

If you want to maximize your time in the gym you know what they do not have to miss you ever: the squat, the dead lift, the press and chin, all with free weights. But today we will go further and we will show you a kind of top 5 exercises for each muscle group to stimulate maximum.


Top 5 exercises to develop the pectoral

  1. Bench press – Well done is between the first two exercises to develop the upper body.
  2. Incline bench press – It is the exercise that enhances the chest and gives the rounded shape.
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press – They work your pecs in a more concentrated.
  4. Dips – To train your lower pecs when done with elbows out.
  5. Dumbbell flies – A super solid exercise to open the chest. Continue reading “Top 5 Fitness Exercise for Muscle”

Machaca calories

Simply think of coaching can make you eat more. Kill those extra calories with these tips.

Whey powder and casein could be your secret weapon in weight loss, shooting burning calories for several hours. A new Swiss study found that the whey sprint carries the highest, while the casein is more useful to delay hunger. Try mixing milk powders, since 80% of the milk protein is casein. Continue reading “Machaca calories”

9 reasons why you’re not losing weight

No introductions here are some reasons why you are not losing weight.

  1. You think you eat healthy, but you do not
    If your table is a soda for lunch then you are not eating healthy. If you eat white bread you’re eating healthy. If you eat sugar either and if you eat a lot of white flour either. What is healthy eating? You eat real food, eating fruits, eating vegetables, eating grains, meat, fish, dairy, poultry, and eat whole foods that are in as natural a state as possible. Continue reading “9 reasons why you’re not losing weight”

Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks

These nutrition tips will help you hit the target and lose weight safely.
To lose weight, do not have to be radical. Recent studies by the Lincoln Medical Center NY (USA) show that small changes are more effective in the long term. The secret is to modify our behavior so we get access to our goals without having to make our life hell. Here are some tricks that allow you to give passports to fat, muscle definition and lose weight. Continue reading “Lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks”

Tips to exploit your potential to gain muscle

We will show you a few tips that will optimize your efforts to gain muscle. Incorporate them and see that you pay excellently.

1. Attacks large muscle groups with a lot of weight
Heavy train with exercises that stimulate your body more. The squat is the king of bodybuilding, and then there are all types of bench press, dead weight in all its variations, military press and chins. Do all the exercises with good technique and a good weight, Continue reading “Tips to exploit your potential to gain muscle”

Avoid these mistakes when training the six-pack!

Beginners are those who are at increased risk of errors and, therefore, have an injury. But do not just take the fact of taking some time training. Either way, you avoid the following three errors:

There are exercises that are stressful. Anyway, you should not make the mistake of making only half because instead of making you a favor, stop working the entire muscle and you risk being curtailed. Continue reading “Avoid these mistakes when training the six-pack!”

Period of muscle definition – weight loss

In the period of muscle definition or weight loss, the objective is the same, it is a period of loss of fat mass. That body fat. But how to lose body fat without losing muscle mass?

Why Getting Cut?
The definition covers the period of sports but also muscle endurance sports like triathlon.

In body-building the definition is usually after a period of increase in muscle mass, Continue reading “Period of muscle definition – weight loss”