The Monotony, the worst enemy of the diet

Do the same, consumption the same thing, is something that tires and eventually ends up leaving. The monotony is the worst to the dishes and ingredients; otherwise it goes into a spiral of reluctance that eventually worsens our eating habits.

And not just talking about or just in each day meals. The monotony in the diet can lead to lack of nutrients. Always eat the same foods and the same provided culinary preparations that ultimately, if there is a nutrient shortage, they do take in. Continue reading “The Monotony, the worst enemy of the diet”

What is monotony fitness?

SlimSadness Stresses interfere loses weight. Try to sleep at least eight hours a day and it’s a scientific fact. Here’s how: when the brain “records” stress, it strikes an alarm to the adrenal glands, and they secrete a “stress” hormone cortical.

Formally, this hormone should multiply your strength by additional energy derived from “burning” their muscle tissue. However, scientific studies have shown that along the way he provokes the deposition of fat in the waist.
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