A masochistic method of thinning

thinningA method masochistic arise once more illnesses linked to eating disorders, one of them is the Anorexia, popularly known as the diet of pain?. Although relatively rare and has not been officially recognized, it is known that this eating disorder is spreading rapidly, especially over the Internet, where many sick for encouragement communicate, share tips, exchange unhealthy diets or doing competitions loss of all on vinyl peso.Concern decorative.

Anorexia is considered an eating disorder 2nd. Generation, which has evolved from anorexia. It combines anorexic behavior, bulimic, orthopedics, next to a body abuse and the use of slimming methods that inflict pain and masochistic cravings away, causing rapid weight lose and a Anorexia permanents.
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Lose weight without starving the revolutionary Montignac method.

Montignac dietMontignac Diet-This diet developed by French physician Montignac which owes its name, debunks the theory of calorie and opens a door to all those who want to reduce weight without suppressing so attractive and nutritious foods such as chocolate, wine and fermented cheese.
According Montignac, on diets based on reducing calories is an error, because the weight loss that occurs with this type of diet is only temporary, later, the body will adjust and tend to eat fewer calories as a mechanism for defense. At the same time, says Montignac, the weight will recover and even increase slightly from that was before starting the diet, creating striking metabolic imbalances and frustrations.
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Flat stomach with the method Putkisto

stomachSpecial technique created by the Finnish Marja Putkisto, will allow your belly look smooth and firm almost instantly. If you are consistent, the results will become permanent and will invade a greater sense of wellbeing, health and energy.

This innovative approach, first cousin of Pilates is based on stretching and deep breathing control. The result by practicing in a manner consistent is a silhouette of heart, but mostly you will notice that your body is more slender-plus-more agile and better posture. You’ll feel full of energy and health rebosaras.
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