Menu handling of the day on buckwheat

buckwheatA day to prepare for the evening. Well, if you have a thermos. If not – does not matter. In the evening before going to bed take a glass of buckwheat, pour it in a thermos or a pan and pour 3.5 cups of boiling water. Close the thermos pot or container and place in a warm place .

In the morning when you wake up, you will already have produced excellent dietary oatmeal , you can shift into a container and take with you everywhere. It is this buckwheat promotes weight loss. All received the amount you can eat with peace of mind for the day. It is advisable not to add salt and sugar, can be a bit of herbal spices. Continue reading “Menu handling of the day on buckwheat”

Diet menu for 1500 calorie a day

Diet menuMenu diet of 1500 calories a day is a diet that can be considered maintenance. It is an ideal diet because it is not restrictive and can be carried out, longer than other diets. To illustrate this diet, nothing like the menu for 1500 calorie diet.

The menu for 1500 calorie diets, representing a balanced diet, and complete.
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Menu for 1000 Calorie Diet

DietThe diet of 1000 calories a day you could say it is a low calorie diet, but not restrictive. With this menu for 1000 calorie diet, you will lose weight gradually, thus avoiding the risk of re-raise the lost kilos.

Through any of these menu options for 1000 calorie diet, you’ll implement this diet you will lose weight slowly but surely.
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Menu for weight lose calorie diet

1200 calorie diet is a low calorie diet, but not too tight, not too far from the daily amount of calories (1500) that a woman consumes daily. The menu for 1200 calorie diet is more varied and allows us greater sharing of food.
Diet of 1200 caloriesDiet, you can go exchanging food, not to bore, ie: If you eat meat you can choose from chicken, fish, beef, lamb, or pork, or even egg.

Replaces an egg for a piece of meat. Meat can also be replaced by vegetables, 1 cup of lentils, beans or chickpeas.
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What Is A Menu Macrobiotic?

Macrobiotic menuThe basic ingredients of this diet and its approximate ratio could be the following soups and fluids (5% – 10%), vegetables (5% – 10%), vegetables (20% – 25%) and cereals (50% – 60 %).

This diet is designed to rid your body any type of toxin and bring you vitality and wellness. Also, if you combine it with healthy principles of the Mediterranean diet (not so different) you can develop your own menu.
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Menu for purifying the day after Holy day

purifyingDo not be tempted not to eat the next day, or make the mistake of deleting the dinner after a hearty meal or vice versa. These practices are harmful to your health. It is better to have an alternative menu for the day after.
Breakfast: 1 dairy (milk or yogurt, Actimel, bio …) + grains (with milk in the form of bar, etc) + 1 piece of fruit or fresh juice.
Mid-morning and afternoon snack: an infusion: chamomile, peppermint (highly digestible), anise or fennel (good to relieve uncomfortable gas), thyme, etc. You can take a whole grain cracker, a rusk with ham or turkey breast, or other piece of fruit. Continue reading “Menu for purifying the day after Holy day”