Duration of sleep affects weight loss men and women differently

Weight loseIn a new study suggests that an increase in sleep time leads to a decrease in food intake, but the hormonal processes associated with it occur in the body of women and men differently.

Restricting sleep in healthy subjects with normal weight in some way affects the metabolic risk factors differently affecting the hormones that regulate food intake in human.

In the study, the results of which were published in the November issue of the journal sleep, tracked the duration of sleep deregulation of glucose and hormonal regulation of appetite in 27 people with normal weight at the age of 30 to 45 years. Continue reading “Duration of sleep affects weight loss men and women differently”

Why growing belly in men?

growing belly in menEvery men may be also associated with hormonal disorders, which are often accompanied by infertility and impotence. Well, or a decrease of sexual power. But not in the case of some hormones. The reason that the stomach is growing, there may be some other disease. Continue reading “Why growing belly in men?”

Women and men lose weight differently

lose weightWake code of health and youth.The seminar was a presentation of the unique International Medical Center “ERA healthy and young“, which has no analogues in Russia or abroad. Program center “rest, losing weight” presented clinical nutrition specialists “Factor of weight.”

The preparation of all its programs dietary support for both clinics, as well as our partner, International Medical Center “ERA healthy and young”, we always place emphasis on different approaches to losing weight men and women. Nature would have it, the body of a man born has the ability to burn fat faster than a woman’s body. Continue reading “Women and men lose weight differently”

Half of overweight men is good health

It says a U.S. study of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The study has been published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine and the results break a handful of clich├ęs and preconceptions: blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels than a third of men and women studied, all of them suffering from obesity were perfectly normal. The funny thing is that, as Judith Wylie-Rosett, director of the study, “normal weight adults suffering from a range of cardio metabolic abnormalities.” Continue reading “Half of overweight men is good health”