Mediterranean Diet May Decrease Heart Sickness

dietIn the region of 30% of heart attacks, stroke and death from heart disease can be prevented in people who are at risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet that includes olive oil, grains, fish, fruit, vegetables and even wine with food.

These results from a study by the original England Journal of Medicine, where the findings were based on the first clinical tests conducted to measure the effects of this diet on the risk of heart disease. The strength of the benefits of this diet experts rhomboidal left open.

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The Mediterranean diet

weight lose and dietMediterranean diet has been known for more than 60 years ago. In the 50 years of the last century, the popularity of the diet was extremely high, especially among the people of France. To date, because of the abundance of a variety of diets, the Mediterranean diet fame was not so bright. However, many modern nutritionists say that this diet is one of the most effective and useful.
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Mediterranean diet extend the life

diet extend the lifeNumerous investigation have been conduct to date, and one after another do nothing but find positive things to our Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables and fish, the latest research we have had facts has come to the conclusion that Mediterranean diet help make longer life.

Who does not want a extend life? To enjoy more and spend more time with our loved ones?. The vast greater part is what you want, and nothing would work better than usually eat vegetables and fish and less meat and dairy.
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Mediterranean diet to lose weight?

DietThe Mediterranean diet and its profit for food, but the specialists are not clear if it comes to eating a positive food groups, or rather a series of healthy behaviors that avoid weight gain.

The Mediterranean diet is generally rich in fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals and low in dairy intake and red meat.

There are studies that have found many profit for those who follow things as important as protecting the cardiovascular system and diabetes, and helps you lose weight to overweight or obesity.
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Mediterranean Weight Lose Diet

Weight Lose DietMediterranean Weight Lose diet live longer than other Europeans. So the question is, which is exactly the Mediterranean diet, what it is and how it achieves these effects so wonderful?

The Mediterranean Diet is not a specific diet or dietary plan in order to lose weight, but rather a conglomerate of eating habits that have been traditionally followed by people living in the Mediterranean region.

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