How fast to lose weight in a week?

lose weight in a weekUnfortunately not everyone can have a perfect figure, observing a strict diet throughout life. It requires patience of special perception of the world and a desire not to clog your body. Well, almost out of the realm of fantasy! Modern life dictates its own conditions, which are difficult to argue: breakfast in haste, lunch, eat cold food, and after work in the form of bliss after a hearty dinner 19.00-20.00.

And after that centimeters at the waist, orange peel on the thighs. Until our heads do not fall for a big event, in the light of which all these dirty tricks can be seen. For example: burning voucher for a funky resort, secular party, meeting with old friends who remember you slim and beautiful… In general, the cases can provide lot, but only one solution: fast, panic quickly lose weight! Continue reading “How fast to lose weight in a week?”