Japanese diet for two weeks

 diet for two weeksJapanese diet for two weeks was created by nutritionists. It lasts for 2 weeks. The creators of this diet promise that during this period the body’s metabolism will be reconstructed on the new rhythm of work. Thanks to this without any – any further efforts remain stable effect of diet at least two – three years. An important condition for the use of this diet is a complete rejection of the use of salt, sugar, flour and confectionery products, and alcohol.

Between meals, there are no restrictions to use boiled or mineral water. It is exactly stick to the proposed scheme, the power to change the sequence is strictly prohibited. Only the neat observance of all recommendations will help to change the metabolic process. Continue reading “Japanese diet for two weeks”

Japanese diet

 dietJapanese diet which is very different from other diets. The secret of the Japanese diet unbalanced menu, causing metabolic changes in the body, and the result can be some years not to gain weight while eating as before.

The number of calories expended by the body does not exceed the amount consumed. Acceleration of metabolism is by increasing consumption of calories muscles during dieting, and thus the power consumption will increase. So nutritionists recommend a parallel exercise. Continue reading “Japanese diet”

The Japanese diet- rich, healthy and effective!

dietJapanese diet as a method of thinning. The keys are not in the quantities of food but in the philosophy of an ancient culture that have been applied also to the kitchen. Therefore, before starting this type of regime should take into account the following principles should follow literally and allow you to propose how many kilos you want to lose … And get it! Notes:-Many types of food eaten in small quantities, at the same meal.
Include lots of vegetables in your menu. Do not forget also seaweed and fruit!
Use broth to flavor fish and vegetable dishes, instead of butter, oil or heavy sauces.
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