Benefits of soy

Soy has become one of the most important foods in recent years, only 5 years ago few knew it was soy, today all we know.

This vegetable is rich in vegetable protein and other nutrients are one of the most important sources of is flavored, compounds with similar chemical structure to estrogen.

Soy compared to other legumes, contributes as much iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine, potassium and phosphorus, plus folic acid and other vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B6. Continue reading “Benefits of soy”

Weight Lose Diet Rich in Iron

Diet Rich in IronWeight Lose Diet Rich in Iron is one of the most important minerals must be present in the diet of people. A diet rich in iron will make our body is healthy, because this mineral is the main component of hemoglobin in the blood. This hemoglobin is the one responsible for carrying oxygen to all tissues of the body.

Weight Lose Diet Rich in Iron

When our body does not get enough iron through diet, one of the organs most commonly affected with this lack is the brain and its functions are altered and consequently mental performance and physical productivity decline in people. The immune system is affected if there is deficiency or iron deficiency and this affects the growth, physical and hormonal functions. Continue reading “Weight Lose Diet Rich in Iron”