Which is your ideal weight?

Lose weightWe are always in search of the ‘ideal weight’ but is there really a figure on the perfect scale for each person? There are many variables that come into play when determining it, we have spoken with a nutritionist and he has clarified all the doubts we had and, above all, how to achieve it in a healthy way.

If there is one question that everyone asks us, it is this: what is my ideal weight? There are many factors that come into play when it comes to knowing the exact figure that has to appear on our scale so that everything goes correctly. Continue reading “Which is your ideal weight?”

The ideal weight for athletes

ideal weightAmong athletes, the term most usually used is the ideal weight. Indeed, it generally consists of the weight at which an athlete feels good about himself, and reaches the highest levels of duty.

This definition of weight is a bit subjective, and unscientific. In the ideal weight , the athlete will feel good physically and morally. Their yields are at their highest level.

Evaluate your ideal weight Continue reading “The ideal weight for athletes”

Secrets Tips to maintain your ideal weight

Slimwho has lost the extra weight for a long time what is the reason for its success and probably will begin to say how happy his new look and feel as good about himself. Instead of using words such as deprivation or waived, probably speak of attention or commitment. The results should be earned – and in the case of a perfect one can really say that they go too sweaty – and then maintained. Continue reading “Secrets Tips to maintain your ideal weight”

The diet for everyone

DietEating a varied and balanced, to lose weight and keep the weight off you have to follow a low calorie diet, without criminalizing fat but do not overdo it, says Dr. Marina Stone, dietitian at the Diagnostic Center Italian. The ideal is to eat fish three times a week, and to dress always use extra virgin olive oil raw. The recommended diet is useful for reducing the pounds while keeping the energy you need to train three times a week. Continue reading “The diet for everyone”

Diet Tipsdiet maintainer peso ideal This diet has been created for those people who feel they have reached their goal weight and want to recover the lost kilos already at the time.

When a person has reached or is close to their ideal weight should perform a maintenance diet, because if eating normally again would progressively take the weight off. Such regimes are more permissive, since the person is at your desired weight.

Because we can not remain forever on a diet, this regime poses as a solution; rewarding weekend if we have carried out during the week a proper diet.

The intent of this diet is to remain at least five days a week, eating healthy, treat ourselves to a dinner and a meal at the weekend.

This diet should be accompanied by great caution and control, and that prizes must rationalize sparingly.

The first few weeks will be small but the reward will increase if we get week after week maintain ideal weight. Continue reading “”

The formula of ideal weight

FitnessEverybody likes to look good, in most cases, the basic factor for this is a beautiful figure. With overweight people have always struggled, but still have not come up with a single unique method.

Despite the complexity of this process, each of us knows what the ideal weight formula consists of three components – nutrition, physical activity, no bad habits. Continue reading “The formula of ideal weight”

What’s your ideal weight?

FitnessWoman who sees may be just as important when choosing your ideal weight, and how successful relationship with certain types of the body, according to a study conducted by lynda boothroyd of  durham university, and published in the journal plos one.

Selection of a particular body size may be based on other women, or stem from the notion that a certain body type is associated with specific goals such as high status or better health. Continue reading “What’s your ideal weight?”

Weight Loss Success

Weight loss can often seem simple, but everything is complicated when we want to successfully lose weight lose weight What is success? Slimming successfully is get into the dress size 36 in a week? Or is your body get used to living with a broccoli and chicken breast half? No loss success is to achieve our ideal weight in a healthy, enjoying our food and without suffering, in order to maintain weight loss longer. Continue reading “Weight Loss Success”