How to lose weight with the help of chopsticks

How to lose weight with chopsticksIn Asian people eat with special sticks. They have their own philosophy of power, which is the main principle ,the need to quickly prepare and eat slowly. The Chinese believe that using chopsticks, you can feel all the subtleties of taste of food. Since the unusual cutlery to take a big piece does not work, as long it helps to really enjoy chewing food. No wonder the Japanese diet is very popular, because as a chance to overeat using sticks is not so great.

The famous American writer Eileen Daspin proposed a very interesting way to lose weight – not the entire liquid food there with the help of Chinese chopsticks. If we abandon the use of spoons, forks and knives and live by the principle: You can try everything, but almost nothing to eat, then on the extra pounds will not have to worry at all. Continue reading “How to lose weight with the help of chopsticks”