How to Eat to Lose Weight?

Weight LossFrom the end of the year to the year before the New Year, it is a season for raising meat. The next Chinese New Year is the season of big fish and meat.

After this time, how to lose weight and lose fat? Dietitians recommend that you can adopt a sugar-reduced diet and supplement dietary fiber, which is the best way to lose weight and lose fat! Continue reading “How to Eat to Lose Weight?”

A disorder that affects diabetics

weight loseThere are many eating disorders that can affect the quality of life of many people, including those suffering from diabetes. Apparently, there is growing disorder know as diabetics.

If you want to know more about this disease, do not miss to know what it is, what are its causes and complications?

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A delicious and refreshing blend to cleanse your body

fatAre you thinking of a good detox juice fresh and healthy body this summer? Then do not lose sight of this delicious recipe. Combine flavors like grapefruit and cucumber.

And meets fabulous properties for your health. Do not miss the recipe and put it into practice as soon as possible!

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The ideal diet to be fit

lose weightWant to read a note where you explain some nutritional issues that can help you improve your diet? Then do not miss this note with Luis Jimenez, alias Centinel, Bolger and several books on the subject, such as what the science says diet.

Today you can find an infinite variety of theories that can allow you to reach weight loss and healthy life that you intend both. But just how certain are in these versions? What is that really allow you to lose weight? That is the most difficult to determine.

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Functional food for dieting

lose weightDid you know that berries are a depute marquis and natural diuretic and can add to your diet to boost the slimming power dieting? Well, if you are interested to know more about this fruit and discover why it is considered a functional food, do not miss this article.

If your goal is to change your life and get back to your normal weight by changing habits, the best way is to know the properties of food. They are responsible for acting in the metabolism so you can lose fat in a healthy way.

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You know how citrus help treat metabolic syndrome

dietKnow that citrus fruits contain substances called falcon that can help you not only lose weight but also to treat other diseases associated with obesity, such as metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of diseases, which in turn are independent pathologist, among which obesity is. If you suffer from this syndrome or want to prevent it, nothing better than you know that some foods such as citrus.

These foods contain substances known as falcon that help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels and triglycerides and blood glucose monitors. Continue reading “You know how citrus help treat metabolic syndrome”

Mood and Emotional Eating

dietThere are many eating disorders that day are known today. One is the food craving, a disorder characterized by the relationship between mood and emotional eating.

This found that certain people are susceptible to mood affects the way you eat, so that affects health.  One of the lesser-known disorders, but no less important is the food craving.

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How to get Slim figure and beautiful body?

Slim BodyThat you have a slim figure and beautiful body to be beautiful and healthy, flexible and toned, you just need to want it and start taking care of yourself. Need to do leg exercises, exercises for the abdomen, buttocks exercises at home and stretching exercises. Get started now!

Everyone can find time to exercise and self-care! Anyone can lead a healthy lifestyle – this is not difficult. Continue reading “How to get Slim figure and beautiful body?”

Functional food regulating fat metabolism

dietThere are many medicinal plants and food; if they are integrated into a weight loss diet can help you lose some extra kilos. One of these natural products is the Andean Caligula. If you want to know more about this functional food and how groan regulates metabolism, do not stop reading this article.

Ancient peoples throughout the world were aware of the properties of certain foods in order to obtain therapeutic benefits; one of these foods is the Andean Caligula.

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Outs of free birdseed silica for human consumption

dietEveryone talks about the wonderful potential of enzyme canary seed. However, no complete agreement on what kind of seeds consumed. The debate pits those who see only the free birdseed silica is suitable for human consumption, with reviewers that this type of birdseed is just a commercial invention.


It is likely, you’ve heard about the risk of consuming canary seed with silica. However what about you?

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