Lose 4.5kg without Starving for a Week!

dietThere are many ways to lose weight quickly, but most of them will leave you very hungry, and without the willpower of steel, you will often give up your weight loss plan very quickly.

Vogue has sorted out 3 weight loss points, and used scientific methods to successfully lose weight quickly! Continue reading “Lose 4.5kg without Starving for a Week!”

A Good Figure Comes from Hard Work!

weight lossWith the rise of Korean style, the Korean stars in front of the screen are all slender, and their slender legs are very enviable, but what kind of life should you maintain if you want to have a perfect figure like a Korean actress?

Choi Jung-min, the younger sister of Korean actress Choi Jung-won, has published the book Eat Like a Korean Actress by closely observing her sister’s and other well-known artists’ eating habits to manage their body over the years, and her professional background as a nutritional cook. Continue reading “A Good Figure Comes from Hard Work!”

Eating Bananas can Help you Lose Weight?

exerciseMany people are asking: What can I eat to help lose weight? Among them, bananas are often named. Bananas are happy foods. They are rich in serum hormones, which help to promote metabolism, and can also increase satiety and support Suppress obesity.

However, some people think that the high sugar and calorie content of bananas is not conducive to weight loss. Should people who lose weight eat bananas? Continue reading “Eating Bananas can Help you Lose Weight?”

Processing Chicken Breast for Lose Weight

dietHow do you cook chicken breasts, dry wood and tasteless? 4 steps to handle correctly, easy to serve delicious chicken breast dishes. In addition to explaining and explaining why chicken breasts are so important in the minds of those who lose weight and lose weight. Continue reading “Processing Chicken Breast for Lose Weight”

Must Eat Chicken Breast to Lose Weight!

Separate foodWhen it comes to what to eat to lose weight, gain muscle and reduce fat, I believe that most people will think of chicken breast in the first time. However, although chicken breast is indeed a low-fat and high-protein representative food among many meat products, it is also because of its low fat content. Continue reading “Must Eat Chicken Breast to Lose Weight!”

Why Does Weight Loss Keep Failing? 

dietSelf-efficacy refers to the confidence that we can immediately build useful plans and execute well-thought-out countermeasures when we encounter problems. When self-efficacy is high, we believe that we can do it and achieve our goals. Simply put, it’s about having courage.

Self-efficacy is also closely related to our ability to work hard to achieve our goals, our ability to withstand extreme pressure in the face of difficulties, and our ability to challenge again when we encounter setbacks. Continue reading “Why Does Weight Loss Keep Failing? “

Eating well, Losing Weight Lasts! Tired of Losing Weight?

Energy DietBreaking ketones and detonating carbon are new terms that have appeared in the trend of beauty and health diets in the past two years.

In 2020, Tian Anshi’s new series Tian Anshi’s Carbohydrate Recycling Diet hopes to find more freedom and balance between the discipline and dogma of a sugar-restricted diet and a free diet. Continue reading “Eating well, Losing Weight Lasts! Tired of Losing Weight?”

5 Quick and Small Ways to Make Weight Loss Easier

burn fat caloriesEvery time a weight loss plan fails, do you seriously consider whether the plan is too strict? Instead of forcing yourself to eat what you shouldn’t eat and do exercise several times a week, it’s better to plan a weight loss day off every day.

For example, if you are implementing a sugar-reduced diet, you can choose to suspend your low-carb plan for one day. Continue reading “5 Quick and Small Ways to Make Weight Loss Easier”

How Can I Lose Weight Fast?

Tips For Losing WeightIn our daily life, there are always some friends who wake up in the morning and cough when they see cold air, and have a lot of phlegm.

They always feel How Can I Lose Weight Fast? that their stomachs are bloated, they don’t want to eat, their appetite is bad, they are weak and lacking in energy, and their faces are bleak. , Seeing that their tongue coating is also thick and sticky, why does this happen? Continue reading “How Can I Lose Weight Fast?”

How to lose Visceral Fat

Healthy LifeVisceral fat is a type of fat in the body, mainly found in the abdominal cavity. According to statistics, the probability of male visceral fat exceeding the standard is much greater than that of females, so we can often see that many males have fat stomachs, especially middle-aged males.

In fact, a certain amount of visceral fat is actually necessary for the human body, because visceral fat surrounds human organs and plays a role in supporting, stabilizing and protecting human internal organs, while excessive visceral fat occupies limited abdominal space. Continue reading “How to lose Visceral Fat”