How to get a flat stomach?

Let’s try then give you a set of guidelines to lose belly in the way healthy and advisable.

  • Healthy¬†diet: A balanced diet is very important, which translates into trying to drink only moderate amounts of sugars, fats and even alcohol. I.e., take care not to exceed you with sweets and desserts, fried foods, cuts of red meat with excess fat and other hyper calorie foods. Instead, focus your diet in most healthy, nutritious and low in calories, such as whole grains, dairy products, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. Continue reading “How to get a flat stomach?”

What is Chitosan and how it works in your diet?

I do not know if you know what it is, or if you tried. As the warm weather approaches, and we have to detach from the jackets, we will enter the rush to lose weight. I’m addicted to such diets, and I assure you that I am enjoying eating the Seeking information products that can complement a diet and help us a little bit down some extra pounds. Here you have my latest discovery, doing very well.

It is a 100% natural fiber derived from crustacean shells, which has the ability to absorb fat. Each milligram of chitosan traps five times its weight in fat. Its action is enhanced by Vitamin C. Continue reading “What is Chitosan and how it works in your diet?”

How to lighten dishes this summer!

It’s summer and beach days, time to get nice and cool clothes. Still you spare a few pounds? Late Exercise is the most appeal, but without a good diet exercise does not do much.

In fact, you can enjoy summer meals, eliminating fat and calories without sacrificing flavor just to many dishes. From are a number of tips that can get a tasty and varied diet and, incidentally, the kind care: Change some salad ingredients, sauces and condiments for a healthier diet. Continue reading “How to lighten dishes this summer!”

How to reduce calories at Christmas?

Remove the fat from soups and sauces, you can wait for it to cool and then remove the layer remaining on the surface with a spoon.

Fattening behaviors and how to overcome!

If you can incorporate these habits will show then you’ll be fine in your weight loss efforts. But do not try to incorporate them all together because as every habit you have to develop it a bit, add it and give your place in time for him to stay. The best approach is to start with one or two behaviors and work on them until they are in our daily lives. Attack the one you imported because it is easier, and then moved to the other and incorporate with patience.

Let’s see what behaviors are fattening how to modify… Continue reading “Fattening behaviors and how to overcome!”

How to lose weight in a month in 10 steps!

Many people want that magic bullet, that pill that makes thin, toned and “like god” … unfortunately there is no magic formula, no magic device much less a magic pill. If someone told you otherwise, you lied!

In these few years I have experience in the field of fitness and nutrition I have learned many tricks or changes that can help you achieve the body you want, but let me tell you what is most needed is dedication.

Unless you really commit and you set your mind on all things to eat healthily and keep better pace of life, you will not achieve much. Continue reading “How to lose weight in a month in 10 steps!”

How much protein should I take it?

Proteins consist of amino acids are considered a macronutrient in our daily activities without them we would be impossible. As fats and carbohydrates, we have certain quantities of these in our body.

The problem arises in those who do not know how much protein you should take.
Proteins have two main functions in our body:

How to lose belly!

Achieve a slim silhouette implies a major challenge for some people, they refer make a control on the calories you consume through food and practicing long hours of daily exercise.

It is customary for the person starts to lose weight maintained while achieving a negative balance between energy intake and expenditure. If maintained over time the person achieves weight loss apace, not exceeding the weekly weight kilo, allowing stay healthy. Continue reading “How to lose belly!”

How to Reduce Fat from Thighs!

Are you tired of buying pants twice the size of the hip to hide thick thighs? Losing thigh fat is the goal of most people today, especially women because they are more likely to gain fat in this area of the body. Nowadays, several solutions are being introduced that can help you lose fat in the thighs.

Here are some tips on how to achieve fat loss in the thighs:

Daily exercise – Make it a daily routine for exercise. Do not just exercise for the thighs, but do exercises that target all levels of body fat. Focusing on a specific area of the body will help you lose fat in that area, but just tone up your muscles. Continue reading “How to Reduce Fat from Thighs!”

How to prepare a healthy pork

With this option a few ingredients quickly and get a delicious and nutritious meal. A mix of flavors and ingredients that enhance the flavor of the dish but also give you protein and fiber.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Number of Servings: 4 Continue reading “How to prepare a healthy pork”