Get back in shape after the holidays and vacations

Slim figureYou feel exhausted, swollen, you have nauseated after drinking and eating too much, now you have to run for cover. Here are our recommendations to remedy the excesses and get back in shape after the holidays.

You feel like you have gone too far? Do not panic: not sure to put on weight 10 pounds, not even 2, it is impossible. A big meal once in a while, in fact, has no effect on weight. When, after a meal heavier, the balance goes crazy, it is primarily an excess of water, as a lunch at the restaurant or friends is often saltier than its normal. Following a balanced diet , you will return to your original weight within a few days.

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How to be careful of what you eat through the holidays

Healthy dietsOn the holiday gives us the ideal excuse to eat more processed foods, which are not always the most suitable for our diet. The portions tend to be larger and thus the intake of calories is much higher than it seems.

We eat all day at restaurants and this can be a problem to be able to control our weight. Restaurants often serve large portions and we tend to eat more when more food is in front of us. The restaurant menus are usually very high in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium while being very low in fiber. Restaurants usually have no idea of how many calories or grams of saturated fats are found in dishes that serve.
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Lose weight before the holidays

dietGood weather change our clothes and bathing suit becomes a major challenge. It is not implementing a railway diet, simply by choosing a proper diet and a little extra exercise can get rid of those couple of kilos you do not like and without which you will feel much better when stepping on the beach.

No products “miracle” or Spartan menu may endanger your health. In four to six weeks any attempt to lose more than five to eight kilos is quite unrealistic and can become foolhardy if not done under proper medical supervision.
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Figure after the holidays diet Tips

holy day dite1. Remember how well you did
Now you see it very difficult but … do you remember how easy it was to think about your body and your health when you were thinking lie in the sun? You felt happy, happy, proud and good about yourself, fast and healthy, your effort was very successful and now you can do it again. The key is to adapt a healthy eating guidelines to your routine, and not let a diet enslave your life.

2. Do not blame the balance
It’s time to get over the scale and when you wanted to stop, has continued to rise inevitably … it is not to blame! It’s time to trust yourself, to have faith in your actions and promise to record feel good. You can do it!
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Plan to lose weight after the holidays

lose weight The Christmas day Plan to lose weight after the holidays is a time of fun and a truce in the negative that we forget to think only of the positive and, most likely, have lowered their guard a little. Christmas Eve, then New Year, the festival of Kings … and now what can we do to get rid of those extra pounds accumulated over the holidays?

Do not worry, some simple tips offered by the online coaching will help you recover line in a short time, returning to feel healthy and in top form.
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