Hey you Over Weight!

Over WeightFirst: You are not alone. I myself and puts out the Over Weight and they dieted a total of 3 times. However, dropping a total of about 45 kilos three times made me understand that I would never want to lose weight again, but I have to make a change of life. My took nearly 20 kilos and now I am in a situation that I never could no longer even the wildest expectations believe that those limousine just over a year of life change by dropping 20 pounds for the fourth time back.

But the former addition to us overweight is really half of Finland. According to in 2017 almost 3/4 of men and 2/3 of women were overweight. A quarter of the working age can be classified as obese. No need to take a look at a cell phone while on the metro or go to the swimming pool locker room so you understand that it really is not alone. It is already the first comforting idea. You were not as unique as you probably thought you were? I can tell that I was not one of them. Continue reading “Hey you Over Weight!”