The diet that is good for health and heart

Weight loseWomen are to have higher cholesterol-one in four has values higher than the levels recommended by international guidelines, compared with one in five male compatriots. To say it is the data of the Project Heart Institute of Health.

And this is bad because along with smoking, blood pressure, blood glucose, overweight, physical activity, diet, cholesterol is a factor to consider for the health of your heart. Although not to be demonized: is an important element for the functioning of the organism. Continue reading “The diet that is good for health and heart”

A routine to protect your heart

This grueling circuit will keep you away from heart disease. Heat thoroughly with 1 kilometer rowing. At the beginning of training, you’re going to do to get to failure, just as you’re stronger.

Do one set of each exercise in the circuit without stopping. When finished, rest for 60 seconds and repeat twice. Load more weight in the last series to strengthen your heart.

How do you do? Continue reading “A routine to protect your heart”

Benefits of pomegranate health

The pomegranate is a fruit widely consumed in some countries, is the fruit of the tree known as the pomegranate. Because of its many seeds, the pomegranate is often considered a symbol of fertility in many cultures.

It is a fruit that has a lot of antioxidants and produces many benefits in the body.

The pomegranate contains about 65 grams cal./100., Is rich in pectin, Continue reading “Benefits of pomegranate health”