Lazy gallbladder diet

gallbladder dietLazy gallbladder is a problem that affects many people. Produces symptoms of chronic pain characteristics (in the liver) and digestive difficulties of recurrent (weight stomach problems to evacuate and bloating). Studies have found that eating a proper diet, drinking plenty of water and physical activity can often help improve this complication.
A lazy gallbladder diet must meet three criteria: low in fat, fractionated and small volumes.
1. Low-fat diet (low fat)
It should reduce total fat food, both animal and vegetable oils (and margarine). This is accomplished by proper selection of food.
Use low-fat dairy (milk, yogurt and cheese). Avoid hard cheeses and grating. Do not consume food in the form of creams or desserts. Avoid cocoa, as there is any kind of chocolate that is tolerated.
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