Why do some people who lose weight gain weight again?

Weight lossStudies have shown that people who lose weight and not gain weight again usually watch what they eat, while those that recovers the lost kilos less meticulous. A new study, though small, suggests that this involves differences in the brain.

When shown pictures of food to people who had lost weight and had not returned to gain weight for years, they were more likely to activate brain areas associated with behavioral control, compared with obese participants and normal weight . Continue reading “Why do some people who lose weight gain weight again?”

How not to gain weight in the winter?

weight  loseSeasonal weight lose – a phenomenon as common as short daylight hours and overcast sky. But is it inevitable extra pounds? Nutritionists claim: I and the numbers on the balance board can be kept within limits.

Craving for edibles need to “thank” meager winter sun: his rare visits suppress the hormone serotonin joy, hence the low mood and desire to lie down on the couch to sleep. Previously, horror of horrors, cheer calorie sweets. Another help in weight gain – a number of winter holidays and feasts. Despite the fact that everyone is against waist , there are ways to avoid the gain, the more the motivation – where much more serious.
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Medical conditions that make you Fat Loss

Medical Why many people do not lose weight or diets do not work, you do not follow the right program or because they do not comply as they should.
However, there are cases where even if you closely monitor what you eat and exercise regularly, continue to gain weight. If this is your case you may be experiencing a health problem that is affecting your system. Continue reading “Medical conditions that make you Fat Loss”