The foundation for successful weight loss

weight lossWeight lose is a concept that is the key to everything-there are no shortcuts or secrets or there are ways to do from one day to the other. Although we all wish it were so the first thing you assume is the idea that false promises or who tell you that you can lose ten kilos in ten days are not true and are a waste of money may even be hazardous to your health.

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Metabolism as a foundation for choose a diet

MetabolismScientists and nutritionists have for years search for common pattern of food behavior and the human shape. In this area, developed a set of theory and hypothesis, but in the middle of last century, experts were able to establish this connection, which is based on parallels between the metabolism, eating habits, figure.

It turned out that it is possible to identify logical patterns between nutrition and general state of health. In accordance with the peculiarities of metabolism, all people can be divided into groups, which provide those interested in vegetarian diets, those who may feel good on the protein diet, as well as those who are in dire need of a balanced diet.
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